Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th September 2022 Written Update β€” Virat Encounters Sai

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Explore the written update for the revolutionary scene of the engaging telecast Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein aired on Thursday, 8th September, 2022. Virat Encounters Sai is the tag of the newly discovered episode number S1 E606.


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E606
Title: Virat Encounters Sai
Summary Virat makes the choice to participate in the festivities after being persuaded to do so by Vinayak and Savi. He could not have anticipated seeing Sai in this location. He storms out of the location with Vinayak, fuming with rage.


The first scene of the episode consists of the women of the village entering Sai’s home to inform Savi that her mother is summoning her to participate in the celebration that Haria is organizing. The latter becomes enthusiastic and asks that Vinayak and Virat accompany her on her adventure. The latter finds himself in a difficult situation, but Savi continues to ask for him. In the end, he decides that he will help her and invites everyone into his vehicle.

While Sai is showered with love and admiration by the people, he drives towards the event’s location. Haria urges the latter to participate in their traditional dance, and the latter finds that she is unable to refuse and ends up dancing along with them. Sai and everyone else had a good time during the party, and she was thrilled to be a group member. At this point, Virat arrives at the party and assists Vinayak in stepping out of the vehicle.

Others get out of the automobile and enter the location to participate in the celebration. When Virat takes in his surroundings, he finds himself overcome with joy. At the same time, Savi leads Vinayak in the direction of Sai. When they saw how well Savi and Vinayak got along, the latter was pleased and invited him to stay with them.

Sai joins in on the dancing with the children as Virat receives a call from Pakhi, who inquires about his whereabouts. He informs them that he will be attending the hamlet celebration and that he will even be meeting Savi’s mother. He reassures Pakhi and tells her not to worry about anything simultaneously as she looks at a photo of Virat and Vinayak and asks them to return as soon as possible. Virat also joins the children, and the two dance together.

He had an excellent time and appreciated being a part of the celebration. Virat becomes anxious about Vinayak once the rain falls heavily all of a sudden. While his kid is dancing with Savi and Sai, dad calls out to his son, asking him to come closer to him. During this time, she asks him about his father, while Virat asks Savi about her mother.

Savi and Vinayak aim them in the direction of one another. After a considerable time, they turn to look at one another. Virat experiences astonishment and thinks back to the period when he believed that she had passed away. On the other hand, Sai feels a chill upon seeing him and thinks back to their time together.

Their spirits reached out to one another and made contact with one another. Ahead, the souls of Virat and Sai weep as they communicate their feelings for one another via crying. Virat reveals to her that he believes she has passed away and scolds her for not getting in touch with him all these years. She explains that the reason she avoided getting too close to him was due to the choice he made.

She brings up their most recent encounter and the fact that he did not support her intention then. The souls of Virat and Sai vanish, and Virat becomes aware of Savi along with Sai. He has the impression that she has moved on with her life, making him very angry. On the other hand, she concludes that Vinayak is her father’s son and believes that he never waited for her or made an effort to locate her.

While he forcibly removes Vinayak from the area and gets inside the vehicle, she expresses her displeasure with him. Both of the children experience shock as a result of Sai’s removal of Savi from the area. In addition, Virat lashes out at Vinayak, but he quickly regains control of his anger. He exits the vehicle and sobs uncontrollably; simultaneously, he is enraged by his thoughts toward her.

While this is happening, Sai starts crying in front of Usha and tells her that he doesn’t even care about her or inquire about anything about what’s happening in her life. While she vents her frustration, Usha attempts to explain the situation to her. According to her, he had gone on with his life and had had a breakdown.