Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th September 2022 Written Update β€” Virat, Sai in a Dilemma

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Let us explore the written update for the newly published webisode of the interesting TV broadcast Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein introduced on Friday, 9th September 2022. Virat, Sai in a Dilemma is the moniker of the ultra-modern episode number S1 E607.


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E607
Title: Virat, Sai in a Dilemma
Summary Virat is shocked as he realises that Sai is alive and has a daughter. In another part of the story, Sai is troubled by the news that Virat has remarried and started a new family.


The episode begins with Sai bringing Savi back to their home, where he forbids her to communicate with Vinayak and his father, as well as meet any of them. While the latter informs Sai that they are lovely and announces that even she is puzzled with the sudden hasty reaction of Virat, the former says that they are bewildered by Virat’s abrupt behaviour. Sai reprimands her and forbids her to phone Vinayak in order to prevent her from following through with her plan to inquire about it from him. Savi is taken aback, and she explains to Sai that she is unable to prevent Sai from speaking to her buddy.

Savi then expresses her displeasure with her mother’s choice. She walks into her room as Sai becomes sad and announces that she can’t even tell Savi about the actual reason for her choice. Sai’s decision was based on the fact that Sai felt she owed Savi an explanation. At this point, Vinayak makes his way towards Virat’s chamber, only to find him in an agitated condition there.

Because he is scared of him, he has chosen to speak to him later, when he would be in a better mood. In the meantime, he decides to give Pakhi a call in order to express his worry for Virat. This latter individual cannot seem to stop thinking about Sai and Savi. He remembers how difficult it was for him when Sai passed away, and how he buried himself in drink in an attempt to forget her, but he was unable to erase the memories of her.

He recalls his efforts to locate Sai and then his subsequent attempts to move on with his life after learning of her passing away. Virat thinks back to his time spent with Sai and recalls the doctor’s assertion that Sai would never be able to have children. As his confusion grows, he starts to wonder how Savi could possibly be her daughter. When he thinks about the situation, he starts to feel anxious, and Sai starts to cry when she remembers that Vinayak is Virat’s kid.

After the accident, she claimed that he did not even wait for her or make any attempt to locate her. According to what she’s heard, he doesn’t have any affection for her at all. Virat and Sai each have strong emotions as they think about the betrayal that the other committed. They have fleeting memories of their joyful times in the past, and then they think back to how they have progressed in their lives with their children.

In the meantime, Sai visits Savi to soothe her and offers her an apology. Sai forbids the former from speaking to Vinayak’s father and confronting him about his actions, despite the fact that the latter has said that she would do so. Sai tries to make Savi understand the matter, but the latter stays firm on her decision. During that time, they received a call from Vinayak, and Savi asked Sai to grant her permission to speak to him.

She argues with her mother, who eventually gives in to her pleadings. Savi apologises to Vinayak for his father’s actions and tells Vinayak that he does not understand why his father acted in such a manner. Vinayak listens to Savi’s apology. Vinayak states that he would discuss the situation with his mother and would make sure that they are aware of it.

While this is going on, Pakhi is talking to Chavans about the case, and she gives Chavans her word that they will finish talking to the clients very soon. She announces that it will be beneficial to them in the future and informs Bhavani about the benefits that it would provide. Pakhi receives compliments from Chavan, who also gives her the recommendation to speak with Virat and Vinayak. She expresses her worry for them and then informs them that Vinayak is now on the phone with another person.

She then proceeds to repeatedly contact Virat once she has dialled his number. While he eventually decides whether or not to pick up her call, he finds himself in a difficult situation over whether or not to do so. She expresses worry about Vinayak and inquires about the meeting with the doctor, to which he responds by taking Sai’s name as the patient. She experiences astonishment and then requests that he repeat what he just said.

In addition, Virat resolves to conceal the information about Sai from Pakhi and does so by keeping it secret. In the meantime, Pakhi’s anxiety grows, but she tries to keep it a secret from Ashwini. In the meantime, Sai has made up her mind to keep Virat away from her daughter, Savi, and she reflects on how she was by herself when Savi was born and how she brought her up. While she was thinking, Jagtap came over and showed her his care for her.

While she was thinking, he came. He questions Sai about the situation, as Sai tells him to go. Usha makes a comparison between Jagtap and Virat, but Virat interrupts her and states that Virat has not murdered anybody as Jagtap did. She eventually comes to a stern conclusion about the future of both her and Savi’s lives, although she shows sympathy for Vinayak.