Sai Stands Her Ground β€” Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein | 30 Aug

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Enjoy the written update for the different installment of the beguiling television broadcast Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein circulated on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on StarPlus. Sai Stands Her Ground is the tag of the all-new episode number S1 E598.


Virat infuriates Pakhi for failing to notify her about Vinayak’s wounds. Sai kicks Gulab Rao out of her home after he attempts to bribe her elsewhere.


At the beginning of the episode, Pakhi and Virat express concern about Vinayak. While Pakhi administers the medication, he whimpers in agony but refuses to take it. He declares that he will only use the ointment offered by Savi’s mother and asks her to bring it. Despite the fact that Pakhi is unable to view the image of Sai and Savi as it is flying away, Pakhi proceeds to take the ointment out of Vinayak’s bag.

Virat expresses concern for Vinayak while assuring him that all will be well. At that point, Pakhi arrives and dresses Vinayak’s leg with the ointment. She asks whether they are acting appropriately by using the cream prescribed by the odd doctor after becoming confused. Here, Virat tells Pakhi that Savi’s mother has been a big help to Vinayak and says it’s okay to trust her.

He describes how Savi helped Vinayak when he was in need and how her mother treated him for an injury. He states that Vinayak quickly became connected to them, and Pakhi is astonished to learn about it. Virat is questioned by Pakhi about the assault on Vinayak and why he didn’t inform her about it. She becomes enraged and leaves the scene, but Vinayak confides his sentiments to Virat.

In the meantime, Jagtap orders Savi to approach him. She begs him to enter her home, but he refuses. She approaches him next and inquires about the situation. Savi wonders why Jagtap won’t enter their home from another place.

The latter responds by saying that Sai makes him nervous. He declares that she will undoubtedly eat him raw if she sees him in front of her. As he offers her a present, Savi chuckles as she hears his justification. He gives her another present and forces her to put on the sunglasses as she becomes pleased to see a toy pistol and begins playing with it.

Savi begins behaving like a police officer, and Jagtap takes pleasure in her excitement. When Jagtap learns about Savi’s abduction at that moment, he becomes enraged and resolves to punish the attacker’s thugs as well as the mastermind. Virat becomes worried about Pakhi as she forgets to take her medication. She expresses her fury at him and asks him why he began keeping information about Vinayak hidden while he asks her to check on her health.

In the next section, Pakhi discusses her feelings about Vinayak’s lack of communication with her and Virat’s decision to cease informing her about her baby. Virat expresses sympathy for her and pledges to make things right. He then talks about Savi before grinning and saying how much they liked spending time with her. While he enters the flashback, Pakhi remembers the moment Sai and Virat made the decision to maintain their daughter’s name Sai and informs him about it.

Sai confronts Gulabrao vehemently as he enters her home. In front of Sai, he claims that he has come to receive God’s blessings and offers a prayer. He gives her a home while describing his desire to develop a resort for vacationers. He offers to pay her to give up her goal of building a hospital there.

She becomes enraged with him and requests to leave. He issues a warning to her as she taunts him and refuses to modify her mind. Mohit continues to press Mohit on the business agreement as he describes the difficulties. Omkar objects and says they must appease their customers, but she makes a choice and begs him not to lower the price.

While Mohit agrees with her, Pakhi rejects his advice and claims that it might cost them money in the future. Bhavani praises Pakhi as she leaves to make dinner. Bhavani and Sonali reprimand Omkar for being bothersome in the meantime.