Virat Dismisses Bhavani’s Proposal β€” Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein | 02 Sep

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Get the written update for the today’s installment of the moving television broadcast Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein aired on Friday, 02 September 2022 on StarPlus. Virat Dismisses Bhavani’s Proposal is the subtitle of the current episode number S1 E601.


Sai provides Gulab Rao with an appropriate response to his concerns, but Savi then inquires about her father. Later on, Virat says no to Bhavani’s idea that he and Pakhi go on a vacation together.


Gulabrao interrupts the Ganesh celebration to introduce Sai at the beginning of the episode. He takes Mike and begins talking about Sai, and Mike becomes worried about how this may affect Sai and asks her to go, but Sai refuses. Sai is accused of having a nasty character by Gulabrao. He declares that she is unmarried and asks her for the father of Savi’s children’s names.

Sai becomes enraged with Gulabrao, and Jagtap becomes enraged and attempts to discipline Gulabrao, but Sai stops him and begs him not to meddle in her affairs. Jagtap is speaking negatively about Jagtap and Sai’s relationship when Jagtap steps aside and glares at him. He claims that Sai has had romances and extramarital encounters with several other men in addition to Jagtap. The latter confronts Gulabrao after becoming enraged.

While Savi, who becomes upset when she hears negative things about her mother, asks Sai to respond to Gulabrao. If Gulabrao is really interested in learning more about Savi’s father, Sai promises to reveal his name. She gives Gulabrao a stern look while claiming to be Savi’s father. Sai criticises Gulabrao and claims that he doesn’t even respect himself, as Gulabrao smirks and responds that his charges are true.

In another place, Sai describes how Gulabrao intimidated her and then began blaming her when she declined his offer. In front of everyone, she discloses the truth, shocking them all. As Sai asks her female pupils to describe how Gulabrao frightened them by invading their classrooms with his thugs, Gulabrao grows agitated. After warning Sai, Gualabrao becomes afraid of being seen and leaves the area.

Sai also responds to him appropriately and the Ganesh festival festivities begin. After reaching their home, Savi confronts the latter about her father, while she obtains more strength and empowerment from God. Sai asks Sai to go to her room, but she refuses and continues requesting information about her father. Since she claims that every kid has a father, why shouldn’t she?

Sai yells at Savi when she makes him angry. Savi receives a reprimand from Usha for her actions, and she is then led inside. While Bhavani is looking at Mohit, he gives her a cue. Shivani receives the tickets from him.

As Sonali approaches Karishma from the outside, the latter becomes concerned. She joins the family and avoids questioning, while Shivani runs away from Virat while giving Bhavani the tickets. He becomes suspicious and inquires about it, to which Bhavani fabricates a story and invites Pakhi and Virat on a vacation. He is incensed by it and chastises Pakhi for doing it; she is astonished since she was not aware of it.

As Virat continues to lash out at her, Pakhi explains that she wasn’t involved. She continues by explaining the family’s worry for them. She claims to be aware. Still missing Sai, Virat weeps and says that she lives the reality every day.

She continues by saying that because of their family’s concern, they considered offering to assist them in making a fresh start. She sobs in front of Virat and expresses how hurt she is to see his everyday suffering.