Imli 5th September 2022 Written Update β€” Malini Reveals the Truth

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Enjoy the written update for the newly published scene of the engaging show Imli brought on Monday, 5th September 2022. Malini Reveals the Truth is the label of the present day’s episode number S1 E568.


Chini is the target of Malini’s manipulation during her visit to the hospital, where she seeks to meet her. When Malini tells the truth about Chini’s true identity, Aryan’s reaction is one of utter shock.


Imlie visits Chini at the beginning of the episode. She inquires as to why Imlie hasn’t made her moti roti in a while. Imlie claims she delivered it today. She gives Chini some moti roti and daal and urges her to finish it.

Imlie visits Aryan as Chini begins to consume it. Chini receives treatment from Aryan, who then informs Imlie that only vitamin C is left. According to Imlie, she also brought daal roti for him. He claims she doesn’t have to do that for him.

Imlie claims that although she is aware that he doesn’t want her assistance, he ought to eat because he gave blood to Chini. He glances at her as she serves him dinner. He believes Imlie is still determined to leave the home, so he is trying to figure out how to persuade her to stay for Chini’s sake. Can she be persuaded?

He continues by saying that Gudiya and Chini have a lot of similarities. He feels a bond with her. Her blood type, that specific illness that Gudiya also had, Therefore, if Imlie is concealing anything, she may come clean with him. Imlie believes Aryan correctly predicted it, so she didn’t have to be honest with him.

But because Malini abandoned Chini at the temple when she was only three months old and would do something much riskier to Chini five years later, she is unable to take a chance with her. Imlie makes the decision not to tell anybody the truth. She dismisses it as a coincidence; what is Aryan attempting to communicate? She does not need him to care for Chini.

He claims to be aware of this and to have seen her concern for kids. She responds that she still loves Chini the same way she did Cheeku. Did Chini question Imlie about her biological mother, Aryan queries? Imlie had to worry about losing her.

Imlie claims that she is certain that Chini’s mother despises her completely. When Malini first meets Chini, she showers her with sweets. Chini is shocked to observe it and inquires about the cause of her altered behaviour. Chini is intelligent and humorous, as Malini explains, since she is her daughter.

She presents Chini with her picture. Malini claims that Imlie hatefully cut her off from her kid. She tried her best to console her daughter, but it was impossible. Chini doesn’t deserve to live a life of deprivation.

She orders Chini to refer to her as her mother. Chini throws away Malini’s chocolates because she claims that moti roti and daal are more delicious. She did not thank Imlie for saving her. Malini is not even close to the person Imlie adored, Chini.

Malini is told to leave by her. Malini claims she is going because Chini is now in distress. She should take her time. Imlie asks Chini if she’s okay as she gives her a hug inside the room.

Malini’s visit is about to be revealed by Chini when Narmada informs Imlie that the milk is prepared for Chini. Imlie heads out to get it, but Narmada orders her not to leave the house until Chini has completely recovered. Imlie responds, “But that can’t happen,” and she leaves to give Aryan the money he offered for Chini’s care since she is her mother’s back. Malini arrives and offers to return the money to Aryan since she is Chini’s mother after Aryan refuses to accept it.

The news shocks everyone, and Malini claims Imlie has taken everything from her, including her husband and even her kid, who was Aditya’s last expression of love for her. Aryan disagrees with that and supports Imlie, but Malini claims that Imlie also kidnapped Aryan’s child; how can he possibly forget that? Imlie becomes irritated.