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Learn the written update for the modern sequence of the engaging TV broadcast Imli ventilated on Tuesday, 6th September 2022. Imlie Loses Chini is the moniker of the most modern episode number S1 E569.


Imli 6 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E569
Title: Imlie Loses Chini
Description Aryan chooses to support Malini after discovering that Imlie had been lying to him about Chini. When Imlie attempts to take Chini away, she is met with resistance by Chini. After some time has passed, Malini kicks Imlie out of the home.


At the beginning of this episode, Malini reveals to Aryan that Imlie abducted their kid from her custody five years ago. Aryan claims that Imlie does not deserve to hear insults relating to Aditya since it is common knowledge that Imlie still has feelings for him. Despite what Malini claims, the truth is that she took away Chini. Malini confronts Imlie with the allegation, asking, “Isn’t it true that you went away with my daughter? ” Imlie retorts by saying that the assertion is false.

Chini is Malini and Aditya’s daughter, right? That’s what Malini wants to know. Imlie doesn’t answer. Aryan pulls her aside and begs her to clarify Malini’s concerns in the same manner that she did while they were in the hospital. Aryan is taken aback because Imlie maintains her silence and weeps during the entire exchange.

She claims she was just frightened. He claims he trusted her and even asked her to tell him the truth when they were in the hospital, but she lied to him once again. He was disappointed. I can’t believe she would do that! Imlie gives the response that she is content.

Aryan is eager to be of help to her since it shook her up while in the hospital and was concerned about Chini’s well-being because Malini had abandoned Chini at a temple when she was only three months old. Imlie implores Aryan to have faith in her, reassuring him she would not be anxious since he would safeguard Chini from Malini. He claims that is not the case, and that she kept Chini from everyone, including Chini herself, and that she betrayed his trust by not telling Chini the truth. These are the actual circumstances. Malini reveals to the Rathores that Imlie abducted Cheeku from their care and that she now intends to do the same thing with Malini’s kid.

Imlie yells that she did not kidnap Cheeku but that she misplaced him, and that she did not abduct Chini but that she rescued her. When Aryan tells Malini that Chini is her daughter, Malini responds by saying that she stayed up all night to take care of Chini when she was unwell and that Chini sobbed on her first day of school. She was the one who taught her how to walk. Does none of this mean anything to him? According to him, Chini’s mother is named Malini.

She claims Malini would once again leave Chini alone in the same manner that she did with her when the latter was a little child. Malini confronts her, telling her to stop lying since everyone is aware of how much love she has for Aditya and that she would do nothing like this to one of his children. Imlie attempts to flee the home, telling Chini that she will follow her. Malini gives Aryan instructions to take action when Imlie makes another attempt to abduct her daughter. Chini has arrived downstairs, and she has decided that she will not accompany Imlie.

Chini claims that Imlie withheld such a significant fact from her, and as a result, Imlie is the only one Chini will listen to since she is her mother. Imlie claims that she has never gone a single day in her life without Chini, and she begs Chini to not split them apart in this manner. At the very least, she may let herself remain here and work as a housemaid. If she so chooses, she may refer to Malini as her mother, and she may end their conversation with Imlie. According to Malini, Imlie should put an end to her acting career, since she came into their life as a maid and ruined everything.

The Rathores are left in shambles as Malini kicks Imlie out of the home and says she must never return. Nila discards Imlie’s belongings by throwing them outdoors. Malini smirks as she shuts the door behind her. Chini benefits from her support. Imlie sobs uncontrollably, while Aryan maintains his composure throughout the ordeal.

During a flashback, Chini anticipates that Imlie will come to chat with her, but instead Malini shows up. Chini is Malini’s daughter, so according to Malini, she is not allowed to remain with Imlie. She then invites the magician inside, who makes Chini’s doll disappear in front of her. Chini receives a threat from Malini, who claims that Imlie’s future will be ruined because of her actions. Chini becomes terrified.