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Check out the written update for the sweet episode of the great show Imlie presented on Monday, 29 August 2022 on Star Plus. Imlie, Aryan Look for Chini is the designation of the new episode number S1 E562.


Imlie and Aryan search in vain for Chini when she vanishes. Later, they find the thugs who kidnapped her, but Chini suffers an accident.


Imlie discovers Cheeni’s cellphone on the sidewalk and informs Aryan that thugs threw it there before robbing Cheeni. Tire marks are seen, and Aryan claims they have moved on. Krishnaji’s pooja is performed by Sundar and Arpita. Hathi Ghoda Palki Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki is chanted by Jaggu.

Malini is unable to comprehend the family’s system, according to Anu, who advises her to inform the authorities that a 5-year-old robber stole a golden idol after the parents had their children wed to servants. Sundar requests that Narmada halt Anu. He is prompted to continue his pooja by Narmada. Instead, Arpita advises Malini and Anu to keep their lips shut.

Chanting mantras is Narmada. Seeta asks Seeta Maiya to bring her and Cheeni back together quickly. The goons’ car breaks down. Imlie’s vehicle passed by.

She signals Aryan to stop the car after spotting several thugs. Malini tells the goon Swapnil that she is sending him a photo over the phone. She shouts in protest at the background noise and is angry because Rathores are deliberately reciting loud mantras to annoy her. That is heard by Arpita.

Imlie asks the thugs if they saw this girl while displaying Cheeni’s photo to them. They hurriedly got into the automobile, said no, and stopped their car after it broke down. Imlie is aware of Cheeni’s presence. Aryan advises them to look harder.

Cheeni’s hand is in the thugs’ car, and Imlie notices it. Aryan drives after the car of the thugs. In order to aggravate Malini, Sundar asks Jaggu to give her prasad. While distributing prasad, Jaggu misplaces Malini’s phone.

Anu becomes irate and complains that every time her daughter visits the Shah home, her phone is often broken. Neela enters and begins speaking in a strident manner. Malini inquires as to her needs. Neela claims to be wealthier than them and only requires a guarantee that she will arrange for Aryan to wed Preeta after Imlie is once more split from Aryan.

Anu queries whether Malini must do all the tasks while allowing Preeta to claim the reward. Neela is given a promise by Malini, and she is urged to keep Cheeni’s abduction a secret. Neela asks which secret before shaking hands. Goons accelerate when they discover Aryan and Imlie are being followed.

The Rathores keep on praying for Cheeni. The thugs make a U-turn. Imlie and Aryan saw Cheeni inside. Seeing a truck coming from the other direction, some thugs lose control, causing their automobile to crash into a ditch.

With concern about Cheeni, Narmada drops the pooja thali and declares that it is an abshagun. Aryan and Imlie run to the car where they discover Cheeni missing and a goon’s damaged body inside. Imlie is informed by Aryan that Cheeni is not in the car and that they should look for her. Imlie freezes motionless in disbelief.

Aryan slaps her and tells her she won’t lose her loved ones any longer. They get to work looking for Cheeni. Imlie claims she previously made the same promise to Aryan and that she will no longer lose her loved ones; they will both find Cheeni. If they lose Cheeni, Jaggu queries Arpita.

According to Arpita, Aryan and Imlie, his uncle and aunt, are both very powerful and will undoubtedly discover Cheeni. She requests that he pray to God for Cheeni. Aryan inquires about Cheeni with the goon, who replies that she is unsure. Cheeni cries out for help.

She is located under a bridge as they flee. Imlie tries to leap in her direction. Aryan interrupts her and promises not to let her make the same mistake twice; the two of them will work together to save Cheeni. Imlie is allowed to descend when he brings a rope.

Imlie catches Cheeni as she is ready to fall and hugs her passionately.