Imlie 3rd Sep 2022 Written Update β€” Imlie Decides to Leave

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Get the written update for the freshest installment of the involving TV broadcast Imlie printed on Saturday, 3rd September 2022 on StarPlus. Imlie Decides to Leave is the label of the groovy episode number S1 E567.


Imlie had made up her mind to part ways with the Rathods. Chini, however, has a loss of consciousness and requires emergency surgery. In the end, Malini is given some disturbing information.


Preeta begins the episode by telling Malini something, but Malini ends the conversation as she continues to speak. Narmada claims Imlie finally made it feasible and brought Aryan to work. Sundar and Arpita concur, claiming that only Imlie could accomplish this. Why do they want Aryan to work if he belongs to the Rathores and should be treated as royalty, claims Nila?

According to Arpita, all he needs this time is the monarchy and Imlie; everything else is now a fantasy. Arpita asks why Malini can’t just mind her own business as Malini enters the residence and declares that Imlie’s goal of ending Aryan’s laziness and promoting him to office has been accomplished. Imlie responds, “I’m only asking that Imlie’s role be accomplished, so why is she remaining here? ” Malini clarifies.

Malini welcomes Imlie and hands her two Pagdandiya tickets. Imlie says she has nothing left to do as she prepares to go. Narmada begs her not to abandon her family in the dark once again, as she did the previous time. This time, according to Arpita, she won’t be able to get her older brother back.

Imlie adds, but she must go since Aryan has taken responsibility once again. To let Aryan know that Imlie is departing, Arpita phones him. Aryan abruptly stops the automobile after hearing it. He instructs Arpita to go.

He gets a reprimand from Arpita, but he ends the call. Aryan remembers all the times he spent with Imlie and cries. Imlie lies to Chini, telling her that Meethi is ordering them to go back even though Chini says she doesn’t want to go. Chini asserts that she doesn’t think so and is about to speak with Meethi.

Imlie calls her impolite, and she responds by going to Aryan. She claims Imlie is pressuring her to leave while Aryan pulls her up. She is instructed to calm down by Imlie. Imlie departs with Chini, while Malini smirks upon witnessing this.

Imlie is visibly crying as Aryan takes Chini’s hand and stares at him. Imlie wants to remain behind as well, but Chini claims she is not paying attention. Chini should not be sad, Aryan explains as he sits, because even if she is leaving, he will always love her. He claims to Imlie that he has never stopped anyone violently.

Following an embrace, Chini departs. Aryan experiences feelings. Imlie attempts to revive Chini when she faints. Aryan visits Chini as well.

Everyone becomes alarmed, and Malini explains that this is Chini acting and was undoubtedly arranged by Imlie. She is acting because she wants to remain here. Imlie claims that they won’t go if Chini doesn’t want to. Now, says Malini, she’s getting to the point.

She tries to rouse up Chini, but Imlie stops her. She is cautioned by Imlie to keep away from Chini or face the repercussions. According to Aryan, they must transport Chini to the hospital right now. As their blood groups are the same, Aryan informs the doctor that he may give blood to Chini.

When the doctor inquires about Chini’s health, Imlie responds that when Chini was three months old, Malini abandoned her and she had a similar fainting spell. After learning that, Malini declares that she will take what is rightfully hers from Imlie. Imlie will be by himself. Imlie ponders why Chini became ill in front of Aryan after all these years as she sits next to him.

Malini considers Chini to be a burden since she was unable to bring Aditya and Chini together. Instead, she brought Imlie and Aryan together. When she inquires about Chini’s mother, Malini is astonished to learn that Anu is Chini’s mother. Malini describes how she expelled Chini five years ago. Anu asks her how Aryan will react if he finds out Malini left Chini.