Imlie 8th September 2022 Written Update β€” Imli Receives a Warning

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Check the written update for the modern scene of the unputdownable TV show Imlie voiced on Thursday, 8th September 2022. Imli Receives a Warning is the caption of the funky episode number S1 E571.


Imlie 8 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E571
Title: Imli Receives a Warning
Summary Chini gives Imlie a call and tells her that Malini is attempting to frighten her in some way. Malini overhears them and immediately dispatches thugs in order to prevent Imlie from assisting Chini.


The first thing in this episode is Imlie making a phone call to the Rathore mansion. When Chini takes the receiver and hears Chichi, she responds with the word Chuchu. In the flashback, Imlie is shown waking up Chini to get her ready for school. Imlie claims that the name “Chichi” was one of her first utterances when she was a child.

She instructed Chini to make use of this secret language if they were going to be discussing anything crucial. In the present, Imlie explains that Chini cannot take her name but that she may talk to her about the things that upset her. Chini says that Malini’s demonstration of black magic gave her chills. Imlie claims that she was aware that Malini was acting maliciously against her.

When she finds out about Malini’s behavior, she becomes enraged. She orders Chini to wait for her outside the mansion, and then she dashes to get her from the villa. Chini waits for her outside. Chini hangs up and proceeds to the second floor.

Aryan tries to halt her so that she may hand her some fruits. The receiver is Malini’s selection. Malini puts some finishing touches on the automobile, and Aryan keeps asking her what everything is. Malini has informed Chini that she will now reside at her own home with her mother.

Chini has been estranged from Malini for the last five years. Therefore, this is a little effort on Malini’s part to ensure that she has a positive experience. Aryan warns Malini that she should not make the same mistake she made the last time, or she will lose Chini again. Malini retorts that she will resolve any issues that may arise in advance, and he responds that he would want to get in contact with Chini if she does not have any problems.

She responds in the affirmative and then asks him to bring Chini to her, explaining that Imlie has been actively working to indoctrinate Chini against her for the previous few years. Nila and Preet are starting to feel hopeful now that they believe Aryan will eventually propose to Preeta, and they will wed. Anu claims that since Aryan has not looked at Peeta in the last 28 years, their wedding would not take place now either. Nila says Imlie left, so it is possible.

They mock Anu by claiming that now she would have to keep her granddaughter entertained, who will have numerous demands on her. Anu frustrated that she will have no time, walks away. Aryan visits Chini in her room, hoping to have a conversation with her, but she is nowhere to be found. Using a rag as a climbing aid, she makes her way down the window.

When Aryan sees her, she apologizes to him for leaving, but she explains that she has no choice. Anu confronts Malini and asks her why she wants to bring Chini home since she is the source of most of their problems. Chini’s return has prompted Malini to declare that she would now use the situation to her advantage. Anu asks, “But what about Imlie?

The latter may perhaps reveal her. ” According to Malini, Imlie will not be living to return to her life at any point in the future. The last time she came back because they didn’t kill her. She claims that she supplied a picture of Imlie to thugs planning to assassinate her.

Chini pretends not to have seen Malini outside, and then, when some time has passed, she hurries away. Aryan captures Chini after she has pursued her. Chini asserts that Imlie is keeping an eye out for her and that she keeps all of her promises. Aryan claims that despite having promised him certain things, she returned to her word.

Chini makes another attempt to flee, and Aryan chases after her. Imlie is being pursued on the road by a group of thugs driving a truck at her. She is rescued but then struck by the vehicle, and after sustaining injuries, she passes out and is left for dead. Chini yells Imlie’s name again and demands to know where Imlie is.

During his pursuit, Aryan has a tumble that results in a cut to his hand. Malini chuckles to herself as she observes Imlie dozing off on her phone. She has confirmed that Imlie has passed away. She has a fit of hysterical laughter.

Chini is found by Aryan, who immediately begins to feel sorry for her. He believes that Imlie should have been more considerate of Chini’s suffering. When Malini and Anu arrived, Chini was distressed, and Malini consoled her by cuddling her. They go with Chini by their side.

Aryan finds the anklet that Imlie was wearing, which had fallen to the ground as she walked. After picking it up, he finds Imlie lying in the ambulance, and they go to the hospital together. As the ambulance drives past, Aryan has the impression that something is wrong.