Imlie 9th September 2022 Written Update — Chini, Aryan Search for Imlie

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Learn the written update for the freshly published installment of the captivating TV broadcast Imlie divulged on Friday, 9th September 2022. Chini, Aryan Search for Imlie is the label of the groovy episode number S1 E572.


Imlie 9 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E572
Title: Chini, Aryan Search for Imlie
Summary Chini and Aryan go door-to-door in the neighbourhood to hand out flyers designed by Imlie. When Aryan is reflecting on his time spent with Imlie, Meethi is informed of some upsetting information.


Aryan may be seen at the beginning of the show plucking at Imlie’s anklet. She is now seated inside the ambulance as it moves past Aryan. Chini walks towards Aryan after hearing him call for Imlie and asks him where Imlie is located. Malini has said that this is the end of their relationship.

Chini is escorted there by her. Aryan has said that he does not want to continue holding out hope for Imlie’s return. He is unable to bear this sadness, but he will continue to pray for Imlie’s continued good health. After nine months have passed, Arpita presents Aryan with a meal platter.

He claims that Chini has not yet had any food. Nevertheless, it is unclear how he plans to convey to Chini the news that Imlie will not be returning. Aryan goes to tend to her dietary needs. Malini is unwinding on the sofa and taking it easy as she gets a pedicure.

Anu inquires as to the rationale for her weekly decision to transport Chini to the Rathore Mansion. Chini will tell Aryan the truth, which is that Malini threatened her with blackmail if she didn’t keep away from Imlie. Malini claims that there are times when she needs time apart from Chini. Chini is attending the greatest school, but despite the fact that she provides Chini with every conceivable kind of solace, she also terrifies Chini on occasion in order to prevent Chini from disclosing the truth to Aryan.

Chini is intimidated by her because she claims that she will also steal Aryan from her. She has a plan to deliver her to the Rathore Mansion, and this is a part of that plan. Malini encourages Anu to take it easy, and the two of them have been enjoying a life devoid of strain for the last nine months. Aryan notices that Chini is trying to keep a sketch secret from him.

He takes it from her and tells her that she does not have anything that she needs to conceal from him. Aryan notices that Chini drew Imlie’s drawing and marked it with the word “missing. ” Chini doesn’t need to suffer the loss of Imlie, despite what Aryan says, since Imlie pushed her away from her mother, and Chini pushed Imlie away from herself when she did so. Chini questions why Imlie hasn’t made any attempts to get in touch with her for such a long time.

Aryan inquires as to the motivation of her search for her. Chini claims she is his wife, but he appears unconcerned about her or the reason for her sudden disappearance. She is under the impression that she is unable to divulge the truth about Malini to Aryan at this time. A memory comes back to Aryan of a period in the past when he handed two phones to Imlie so that she could stay in constant contact with him after she left.

She made light of the situation by teasing him that she could keep 10 phones and ten chargers for that. Aryan drew her in closer and told her that she would tease him in the same manner no matter where they went. In addition to this, she assured him that regardless of where she is, she will always be able to find some way to communicate with him. The flashback ends.

Chini gives Aryan instructions to go out and find the missing posters of Imlie wherever they may find them. She is accompanied by Aryan. He warns that he won’t be able to make it to the workplace on time, and Chini prays that Imlie will come back someday since she can’t be cruel to such a sweet youngster. Aryan believes that he has ceased having expectations from Imlie, and he sometimes feels awful for Chini since Imlie did not even come to apologise to her.

Aryan believes he has stopped harbouring Imlie’s expectations. Meethi goes to the Vaidji as Imlie is sound asleep on her bed and asks him why Imlie isn’t waking up. She claims that nine months have passed since she brought Imlie home from the hospital, and that since that time, she has not opened her eyes. Vaidji claims that Imlie has lost the will to live and that Meethi is responsible for giving her a reason to continue living.

As soon as Meethi starts sobbing for Imlie, Aryan makes his way to the location where Imlie is residing. Aryan claims that this is the location he was given, but no one has arrived there as of yet. While he waits for the others, Imlie gently opens both of her eyes. Meethi is taken aback, and she quickly dials Vaidji’s number.

Aryan is unable to recognise her face and fears that there may be some kind of urgent situation. He investigates further by going inside the residence.