Imlie 12th September 2022 Written Update β€” Imlie Takes a Firm Decision

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Imlie decides to take a stand for herself and refuses to take Aryan’s assistance. After some time has passed, Imlie and Aryan are astounded to find that Chini’s goal is to reunite her parents.


Let’s experience the written update for the current installment of the enjoyable serial Imlie proclaimed on Monday, 12th September 2022. Imlie Takes a Firm Decision is the tag of the trend-setting episode number S1 E574.


Aryan’s first query in the episode is, “Why can’t Imlie answer a basic question? ” For nine months, he and his family awaited her arrival. I beg your pardon, Imlie! I couldn’t get to all of you because I was in a coma.

Then Aryan explains why she opened her eyes as soon as he arrived. Imlie claims that it is all a coincidence. Why did he allow Malini to toss her out if he had so many questions? She shouldn’t put herself under stress, advises Aryan, but she should go with him nevertheless since she can rely on him to watch out for her.

Imlie describes how he put his faith in Malini to allow her to kidnap Chini. Imlie continues, feeling she can no longer care for her kid. If she is not alone, Aryan asks, where is her baby’s father? She is blaming him for her failure to ask his name yet.

Imlie claims that since he abandoned her, it destroyed their alliance. She began to trust him more than Sita Maiya since he had protected her, but he later betrayed her and destroyed all she had come to love. Imlie can’t manage the task alone, according to Aryan. Imlie claims that she has other people in her life who won’t abandon her as he did.

He is no longer a member of her family. Hearing that breaks Aryan’s heart. Imlie restrains her sobs. Malini tells Chini to celebrate Imlie’s homecoming appropriately if she wants to show her delight.

Clowns are summoned inside by Malini. They give Chini dirty looks, and Malini urges them to go out. Malini then frightens her by threatening to use magic to transform Imlie into the air, just as she did the last time to turn her into the sand. Chini becomes frightened, and Malini warns her to contact Aryan immediately, or Imlie will be punished.

What would Aryan tell Chini if he was not her relative, she asks Imlie as she sits distraught when Aryan answers Chini’s call. Imlie advises him that Chini shouldn’t be impacted by her choice. She continues by saying that she only wants to hear Chini’s voice. Chini informs Aryan that she needs her mother and father in her life as soon as he activates the speaker mode.

Why is she now saying that, Aryan wonders? Imlie believes that Chini is maybe under pressure and cannot demand such a thing on her own. Chini receives a signal from Malini to repeat what she is saying. According to Chini, she requires her parents to embrace her tightly.

She asks him to grant her request. Aryan loves Imlie, although he believes she no longer views him as family. That person she loves the most will continue to be his partner. With Chini, he will reside.

He consents to Chini’s proposal that Malini is wed today. When Imlie heard it, she stood in disbelief. Aryan rushes near her and says now he should take care of Chini. Before departing, he gives Imlie a forehead kiss.

Both Imlie and Aryan experience feelings. When Meethi listens, she overhears Imlie being questioned about why she is letting Aryan go. She needs to put a halt to his nuptials to Malini. Imlie claims that she lost him six years ago and that she no longer has any claim to him.

When Meethi threatens to call off the wedding, Imlie intervenes. Meethi thinks that Imlie should be honest with Aryan about how much she misses him despite her pretense to the contrary. Imlie claims that she lacks the courage to lose her child once more. What will she do if Aryan still won’t take the baby?

She had had enough of arguing with Malini. But, according to Meethi, her child needs to feel the love of both parents and siblings. Meethi urges Imlie to struggle for her child’s prosperous future. So that Malini can’t make any more plans, she should expose her.

Rathores learn about a wedding and get perplexed as to whose marriage it is. It’s his marriage, claims Aryan. Preeta believes he wants to marry her, but Aryan later clarifies that it has to do with his marriage to Malini. Hearing that stunned everyone.