Imlie 13th September 2022 Written Update β€” Malini to Marry Aryan

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Malini does not waver in her determination to deny Imlie access to Aryan and Chini. Later on, Preeta lashes out at Malini, accusing her of wanting to marry Aryan for her own egotistical reasons.


Explore the written update for the up-to-date webisode of the impressive telecast Imlie issued on Tuesday, 13th September 2022. Malini to Marry Aryan is the designation of the present day’s episode number S1 E575.


Aryan announces his engagement to Malini to Arpita at the beginning of the episode. Arpita disagrees with his choice; has he gone insane? How can he choose someone who wants to wreck his life as Malini? He claims he is doing it for Chini since he knows her desire for a typical family and a father.

Then, Narmada queries, what about Imlie? Imlie has begun a new life with someone else; thus, she is no longer a part of their lives, Aryan responds. They need to disregard her. Hearing his choice also astounded Nila and Preeta.

Aryan claims that nothing will change because he has already decided on the wedding date. Imlie can never leave him, according to Narmada. They should embrace reality, says Aryan, and it’s finished. Where is Imlie?

Asks Narmada as he departs. In front of the mirror, Malini tries on many necklaces before inviting Chini to choose one for her. Malini promises to create another set for the latter when Chini selects one. Chini asks her whether she is pleased with the wedding.

Malini claims that because Chini is the reason why they are getting married, it goes without saying that she is thrilled and would grant her any wishes. Chini claims to want Imlie. Malini asserts that won’t ever occur. Though Malini is getting married, Imlie is the heroine, and her hero, Ji, would only choose Imlie, teases Chini.

Nila apologizes to Preeta for pushing her aspirations on the latter as the last sobs. Nila claims that besides taking care of her skin and keeping a fit body, she has never had any dreams for herself. Aryan didn’t choose her for that reason. She had already lost to Imlie since the latter had made a reputation for herself in the city and had received several accolades while she did nothing.

Preeta questions how a man like Aryan could choose a woman like Malini. Nila comforts her by promising to get retribution on Malini and Anu for their treachery. Arpita informs Narmada that she would render Aryan unconscious to prevent him from wedding Malini. For his benefit, she expelled Jaggu, and now Aryan is causing more difficulty in this home.

Sundar reassures Arpita that both Malini and Aryan are familiar to him. Aryan won’t relent if they try to convince him otherwise; thus, they must not use force. Sundar is correct, according to Narmada, and they should wait for Imlie to arrive so that she can stop Aryan. Perhaps he secretly hopes Imlie will prevent him from making the incorrect choice.

Anu instructs Malini to choose a wedding gown. Preeta and Nila go to Malini’s residence and confront her for defrauding them. Preeta asserts that Malini cannot become Imlie’s sister and that Preeta wouldn’t have anticipated anything from Malini. Malini claims that she is only marrying Aryan in order to sever him from Imlie.

She informs Preeta that because the latter couldn’t turn into Imlie’s worst foe, she is getting married to Aryan in her place in order to ruin Imlie. Why would she aid Preeta if she was terrible to her sister and daughter? When Imlie arrives at Malini’s home, she runs into Nila and Preeta. Nila is taken aback when she stumbles and notices Imlie’s growing belly.

Preeta becomes pleased when she realizes the new member will shortly join. According to Preeta, they broke up with Malini because she kept breaking her commitments. Why will Imlie trust Preeta and Nila, asks Imlie. On the day of her wedding, they hung her from the chandelier.

Nila claims that although she can comprehend, she was also aware from the beginning that Imlie is the true daughter-in-law of the household and that their plans would fail as a result of her. The Rathore Mansion staff now really wants to welcome Imlie and her kid. Chini responds to Preeta’s call by going to see Imlie. Imlie cries at seeing her and hugs her.

Chini apologizes to her for insulting her and using hurtful language. Imlie grins and remarks that Chini uses a lot of English terms. Imlie alerts Chini of the impending arrival of her brother. Preeta promises to reveal Malini’s reality to everyone. Imlie claims that they will take some action that will force Malini to admit to her guilt.