Imlie 14th Sep Written Update β€” Malini’s Truth Is Out

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Malini experiences a state of terror when, just before to the wedding, all of the evidence that has been gathered against her suddenly becomes public. When Imlie confronts her about her terrible actions, she makes an attempt to hurt Imlie.


Learn the written update for the latest webisode of the enjoyable telecast Imlie ventilated on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Malini’s Truth Is Out is the tag of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E576.


At the beginning of the episode, Malini arrives at Aryan’s house dressed for the wedding. When the priest encourages them to hurry up, Sundar tells him that they should wait for some time, but Malini questions why they would wait at all. Chini starts to feel anxious and informs Imlie that they are going to begin their marriage. Imlie leans up close to her and whispers something in her ear, causing her to grin. Before Anu could grab the garlands, Chini snatches them up and makes her way to the mandap.

Aryan grabs it from Chini, but he is under the impression that Chini is not aware of what he is doing. He was under the impression that Imlie would not show up. Malini believes that it is impossible for Imlie to return to Aryan at this point. Imlie is under the impression that she is already back and that she will protect Aryan and her family from Malini. Malini feels she is at a standstill and turns to Anu for assistance.

Anu claims that the muhurat has already begun, so she doesn’t see why she wants to postpone. Malini claims that she has no intention of sabotaging her own strategy in any way. She realises that someone has stapled her dupatta with a piece of junk, and as a result, she is unable to go any more. Anu makes an attempt to release her, and Chini later realises that she did so to buy Imlie some time so that she could carry out the plan. Anu believes that Malini invited these individuals based on the fact that they had arrived.

Malini insists that she didn’t invite anybody to the party. Anu is taken aback after learning about all of Malini’s recruits that she recruited in order to carry out her plans. They all begin to congratulate Malini on her wedding to Aryan and begin to claim that they completed the job correctly that she had given them. In addition, they begin stating that they have accomplished the task. How she got Swapnil a promotion; how they moved money from the Bhaskar Times into her account; how she put the bomb in the microphone in order to murder Imlie; etc.

The jeweller claims that Anu came to him to have an earphone made, but she never returned. Additionally, the truck driver discloses that he was instructed to strike Imlie, and the kidnapper states that he eventually got out of prison after taking Chini. Malini yells at them, claiming that they did not do anything correctly, and that if they had, Imlie would not have died so quickly. Aryan approaches Malini and asks her what she was talking about before. Nila and Preeta have arrived and have revealed how Imlie obtained the phone numbers of these folks by calling them and having them give her the numbers.

Preeta is surprised when Malini asks her how she dares? According to Preeta, Imlie respected her at all times, but Malini did not. At long last, she is on Imlie’s team, and she intends to provide her support along with Nila’s. Preeta is questioned by Aryan about where Imlie is. She responds that Imlie is nearby, at which point Imlie comes out, and Aryan’s excitement at seeing her grows.

Imlie expresses gratitude to the recruits for being truthful. Chini engages in a negative conversation about Malini, but Imlie tries to stop her. In order to protect Chini from hearing the truth about her mother in front of her, Imlie advises Chini to leave the room. Imlie claims that Malini abandoned Chini in the temple and departed. Malini inquires about the evidence that she has.

When the priest arrived, he said that he had seen Malini abandoning her infant. Imlie believes that Sita Maiya would never intentionally hurt another person, especially after Chini was rescued. Imlie explains how Malini caused damage to the children by publishing fabricated news from the Bhaskar Times, using thugs to abduct Chini, and poisoning the children’s food. Chini was frightened by her use of dark magic, and as a result, she was kicked out of the home. After that, Malini made another attempt to murder her.

Malini begs her to stop sobbing and explains that she is crying because she ruined her plans and is now trying to get sympathy. Imlie asks how she intends to parent Chini if she continues to act in such a manner. Malini states that Imlie does not have to enjoy all that she does since she would deal with Chini because it is her kid. Imlie and Aryan declare that Chini is not a thing! In her rage, Malini attempts to assault Imlie, but Aryan steps in to defend her.

Aryan informs Imlie that she should think of him as her partner for the time being. Malini takes Imlie’s hand and asks what her sister did to cause Malini to have to gather evidence against her sister a second time. Imlie clutches Malini’s hand. Malini breaks out into laughter and adds that, in her opinion, Imlie is the most foolish person in the world for the manner in which she and Aryan are attempting to rescue Chini.