Imlie 15th Sep Written Update β€” Aryan, Imlie Reunite

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Malini admits both the evil deed she committed against Imlie and her intention to make Imlie’s life a living hell. Later, an emotionally distraught Aryan opens the door of the Rathod home to Imlie.


Let’s enjoy the written update for the newest scene of the congenial telecast Imlie aired on Thursday, 15th September 2022. Aryan, Imlie Reunite is the designation of the most modern episode number S1 E577.


The first thing that happens in this episode is that Malini tells Imlie that she is an idiot and that even after exposing her twice she couldn’t know all of Imlie’s activities. Malini claims that she is no longer afraid to tell everyone the truth about her situation. Since Imlie has taken away all of her reasons to continue living, her one and only goal at this point is to make Imlie’s life as miserable as possible. Malini goes on to say that she wasn’t born a villain, but Imlie turned her into one. She was involved in a lot of activities that Imlie is completely unaware about.

Malini responds that the only reason she pushed the flaming drum towards them was to kill three of them, but it returned back to her instead. Anu orders Malini to stop talking, but Malini insists she did it just to kill three of them. It was inappropriate for Imlie to rescue her, and as a result, the woman invited her own demise. Malini claims that she confined Aryan and Imlie in the room with the intention of creating confusion in front of Aditya. Still, Imlie was able to find something that made her happy, and she did so by abandoning her child who was three months old at the time.

However, Imlie was pregnant at the time, and because she was happy, she pushed the stroller belonging to her own baby while throwing the ball, which is what caused her to fall and lose Chiku. However, Imlie did figure out how to maintain her joy. She received affection and support from her family, whereas Malini had nothing. Imlie sobs as she clings to Aryan and tells him that she doesn’t understand why he didn’t arrest her before. Aryan informs Malini that he now has a cause to do so.

Chini inquires of Imlie about who will be arrested. Imlie changes the subject, and Aryan explains that this is not the end of the conversation, but that Malini will learn her lesson in the near future. Imlie asserts that Malini’s kindness is still there inside Chini, and that she will remove Chini from Malini’s life permanently. Chini is going with her along with Aryan. Narmada breaks out in tears and claims that Aryan would not have shown mercy on Malini if Chini’s mother had not been Malini.

Imlie approaches Narmada in an attempt to get her blessings, but Narmada interrupts her and says that she will deliver shagun to Imlie herself. Aryan insists that Imlie is seeing someone else at this time, and that this person does not have any claim to her. Chini dispels Aryan’s concerns that she coerced them into drinking bhaang, leading to their confinement in the hut and sharing of time together. Aryan has come to the realisation that the baby is solely his responsibility and no one else’s. Imlie receives a hug from Narmada, who tells her that she and the baby will be quite welcome at the mansion.

Imlie is positioned close to the front entrance as Chini approaches Aryan with a request for him to greet two adorable girls: Chini and his kid. Aryan performs Imlie’s aarti enthusiastically and Imlie goes inside. Imlie expresses gratitude to Nila and Preeta for their assistance. Nila claims that they used to think of her as an outsider, but through time, they came to realise that Imlie is really rather loving. Nila bestows her blessings onto Imlie and encourages her to begin again with Aryan.

She extends her apology to Meethi as well. As Preeta receives a hug from Imlie, she begins to show her feelings. Preeta declares that she is going to eradicate the image of her as a crazed admirer of Arya’s kid. She continues by saying that she is unable to weep because her eyeliner would get ruined. The laughter spreads around the room, and Imlie reveals that she will miss Preeta very much.

The family poses for a selfie for Preeta to capture. As Imlie joyfully sings the song, Aryan makes his way over to her. He claims that he was always breaking her, but she insists that she wants her kid to be just like him. Imlie advises him not to place the whole burden of responsibility on himself but rather to divide it in half with her. Aryan asserts that she is not to blame for anything.

She makes an effort to win him over. According to Aryan, he represents fire, while she represents ice. Only by being physically near to her is he able to soften. He gives her the assurance that they will never be apart again.