Imlie 19th Sep Written Update β€” Imlie Grows Up

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The daughter of Aryan and Imlie, tiny Imlie, has grown into an adult. She celebrates the opening of the temple that she has constructed by going there. During this time, Chini has the impression that Imlie has ignored her.


Let us explore the written update for the latest installment of the distracting TV series Imlie telecasted on Monday, 19th September 2022. Imlie Grows Up is the name of the freshest episode number S1 E580.


Imlie’s narration ushers in the episode. She claims her daughter lives in a village as she introduces herself. When Imlie’s daughter returns from the village to Rathore Mansion, Imlie advises her not to ever let the city govern her. Arpita and Sundar welcome her, but Narmada is not pleased to meet Imlie’s kid.

She is accepted into a school, but the other students ridicule her subpar work. The teacher informs Narmada that Imlie’s daughter Imlie is not permitted to attend a convent school. Imlie attended school in Hindi as a child. Imlie holds some flowers while looking at her locket, which has images of her and Aryan after ten years.

She gains courage from Imlie’s words and realizes she shouldn’t be sad over not having her parents around. She is a combat queen. Imlie, her daughter, sobs. She is sitting in traffic when the vehicle abruptly stops.

She queries the truck’s driver as to why he pulled over. She leaves to investigate the reason for the traffic. She notices a large gathering and a singer who is uplifting them. Imlie declares clearly that he has to halt the software or the traffic won’t be clear.

But the performer is quite busy. Imlie approaches the traffic officers and requests that they prevent the singer from attracting unneeded attention. The police are unable to comprehend her since she speaks only Hindi. She does, however, promise to contact the commissioner if they don’t.

The singer is taken into custody by the police as he passes Imlie. Even though they can’t see each other, they have a weird connection. Before the inauguration, Imlie visits a temple, where the priest evaluates her based on her dress. He believes she is of a lower social status.

She is refused entry, and he advises her to leave since the trustee will be there shortly. Imlie reminds him that it isn’t an inauguration but rather Pran Pratishtha and to act appropriately. But he dumps her where several helpless children are standing. Imlie and the kids show up in a vehicle later.

Arpita reveals herself as the temple trustee after the priest’s surprise. Imlie asserts that one’s looks can prove nothing. However, sincerity counts. She helps him see that everyone deserves respect, regardless of their standing.

The priest apologises to her. Rupy instructs Chini to get dressed, and she dons Imlie’s kurta before leaving for the performance. Rupy informs her of her reasoning without consulting Imlie. She may have given her approval.

Chini claims Imlie won’t mind and that everyone assumes she is innocent simply because she is Aryan and Imlie’s kid, even if she is unable to speak English well enough to make a coherent sentence in front of the public. However, since she is Malini’s daughter, she will not get any property. She must seize her legal rights. Chini goes out.

Rupy believes that her worry shouldn’t materialise. Chini shouldn’t imitate Malini in any way. Imlie speaks with the youngsters as she waits for Chini. Her English pronunciation is corrected by Chini when she comes.

Imlie claims that without her sister Chini, she is nothing. Arpita and Sundar are happy to observe their relationship. According to Sundar, Imlie would have been happiest if she had been living. Imlie adds that Chini also has a right to what is hers.

Narmada informs her that she is not her dadi as she waits for Dadi. Arpita advises Imlie to at least avoid swearing on her birthday. Narmada claims that once Imlie was born, her life became unpleasant and she was unable to accept Imlie. Imlie becomes irate.