Imlie 23rd Sep Written Update β€” Chini, Imlie’s Differing Views

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After Parul reveals that she has fallen in love with another person, Chini suggests that she go away with the man. However, Imlie urges Parul to convince her parents that they should participate in the partnership.


Check out the written update for the just-out installment of the beguiling show Imlie provided on Friday, 23rd September 2022. Chini, Imlie’s Differing Views is the tag of the newly discovered episode number S1 E584.


The episode begins with Rathores arriving to attend Parul’s wedding. Imlie flatters Parul, while Chini gets flattery from Parul’s pals. One man attempts to flirt with Imlie, but Chini informs him that his vision is poor, so he is gazing at Imlie rather than at her. Imlie accepts it positively and compliments Chini on her attractiveness. Narmada mocks Imlie and walks away.

Rupy remembers Imlie’s mother and informs her that her mother was always like this. She used to face every difficulty front on. Imlie claims that when she was younger, she stopped sobbing after hearing her mother’s tale, but now it makes her emotional. Rupy kisses her on the cheek and tells her it’s time to write her tale. Rathores are introduced to Rudra’s family by Parul’s parents.

Atharv finds the gathering dull, so he approaches several admirers and takes selfies. He collides with Imlie, who drops the Mehendi dish she is carrying. Some Mehendi falls on her hand, and she picks the items off the floor. Atharv is intrigued by Chini, who is standing far away. He walks away from Imlie to locate her.

Imlie stands up, and Arpita notices the bride’s Mehendi in her hand. She taunts her, claiming it would be her chance to marry next. She may then create poetry for her chosen someone. Atharv searches for Chini, and his siblings mock him by calling him Atthu. He chastises them.

Imlie arrives to call Parul and notices Chini chatting with her. Parul is sobbing, and Imlie wonders what’s wrong; vidaai hasn’t happened yet. Chini claims Parul is in love with someone else and does not want to marry. Imlie claims Parul can speak to her parents, but they refuse to listen to her. Her partner does not make enough money and is relatively unsophisticated.

Chini believes Parul should flee with her boyfriend. Parul, according to Imlie, should not jeopardize her parents’ reputation in front of visitors by abandoning the mandap. She should speak with the groom, and he will not marry her against her choice. Chini claims that Parul’s parents would merely blackmail her and eventually compel her to marry the groom. Parul shows Imlie and Chini a snapshot of her boyfriend.

Imlie recognizes him as the same guy who gave her the medication packages. Chini that man was unusual. Imlie insists that he is the same, but Chini pulls her away. Chini believes Imlie cannot always be a heroine. She questions why Imlie gave her such awful advice.

But, as Imlie points out, problems may be managed without fleeing. Chini believes she would force Parul to elope. The visitors insult Rudra over Atharv’s career. Rudra confronts them. Atharv is a DJ who is desperate to discover Chini.

Everyone starts dancing, and Chini appears. Atharv is overjoyed to see her, and Imlie notices him from the balcony. She claims he rescued her from the cops and that his request should always be granted. When everyone is busy dancing, Chini convinces Parul to elope with her beau. Imlie becomes very thrilled, and her dupatta slips off.

She walks downstairs, covering herself with a curtain. Chini advises Parul not to listen to Imlie’s useless advice. She will be content with just her sweetheart. Parul observes Imlie and becomes terrified. She claims Imlie will apprehend her.

Chini spikes a cold drink, and Rupy asks, “What is this? ” She eats it and inquires as to why Chini is worried. Chini then believes that Rupy has always tried to protect Imlie, but not now. Chini hands Imlie the drink as she wears her dupatta. Imlie smells odd and refuses to drink, but Chini coerces her. When Atharv collides with Imlie again, the glass shatters. Chini believes her strategy has failed again.