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Check the written update for the just out story of the blessed telecast Karthika Deepam provided on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on Star Maa. Soundarya Is Doubtful is the moniker of the freshly published episode number S1 E1444.


Soundarya becomes alarmed by Mounitha’s altered behaviour. Later, Deepa discovers the truth about Mounitha’s evil plans.


Mounitha first sees Karthik dozing off at the beginning of the episode. She believes Deepa has returned to trouble them, but she won’t lose him this time because, although I have been able to make him forget his history via medication, he won’t accept me if he does. She considers looking for a long-term answer. She longs for her son.

Anandrao observes Soundarya cooking. He inquires as to whether she is preparing for joy or sorrow. Soundarya claims that she is considering Mounitha’s altered conduct. She may be married, according to Anandrao.

The reason Mounitha felt uneasy when she saw us, according to Soundarya, is that she was still chanting Karthik’s name, did something wrong, and kept something from us. She promises to monitor Mounitha’s actions in order to uncover her secrets. Siva attempts to phone Mounitha as they are travelling to let her know that Karthik is behind the wheel. Karthik catches him by exiting the vehicle.

He assures him that he will stroll over. He is asked to go. Deepa sees Karthik as she rides in the car. She halts the car and makes an effort to find him.

Karthik is begged by Siva to come. He rides out in an automobile. Disappointed, Deepa rides along behind Karthik in an automobile. Deepa phones the brother of her doctor and asks him to let her mother know that she and Karthik are coming.

Sourya remembers how her parents were involved in an accident while she cleans the car. They bring Varanasi there. Sourya queries if her grandpa sends him. Varanasi replies, “no.

” He believes you to be the real Sourya, but I am unable to reveal that your grandpa sent me. Varanasi is asked by Sourya not to reveal her identity and family history to her uncle and aunt. Varanasi concurs. She contacts Indrudu and Chandramma and arranges for him to meet Varanasi.

She urges them to open the hotel and says Varanasi will drive the car. Chandramma concurs. Varanasi is asked to remain with them by her. Varanasi disputes this, but Sourya declares he’ll remain.

Deepa observes Karthik ascending the stairs and entering the boutique. She gives the car the money and walks over to speak with him. Karthik acts as though he is unfamiliar with her. Karthik is asked by Mounitha who he is speaking to.

When Mounitha sees Deepa, she is astonished. I’m aware that it’s your play, Mounitha, adds Deepa. Karthik is invited to accompany her. Mounitha inquires, “Who are you?

” She requests Siva’s removal. Deepa threatens to kill Mounitha. Karthik claims that because she knows your name, she could recognise us. No, Mounitha asserts, she is insane.

You’re swooning about my Karthik, says Deepa, and are madly in love. Mounitha requests Siva’s removal. Karthik interrupts Siva. He queries Mounitha as to whether she is unaware of Deepa and has never met her.

How does she know her name? “Karthik queries. She could come for money, according to Mounitha. Deepa claims she is there to see her spouse.