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Let’s enjoy the written update for the most recently released section of the grateful show Karthika Deepam brought on Friday, 02 September 2022 on Star Maa. Karthik Seeks Deepa’s Help is the tag of the freshly published episode number S1 E1447.


Hima does not want to acknowledge her birthday in any way. On the other side, Karthik asks Deepa to work for him after being impressed by the cuisine that she prepares for him.


Deepa leaves the doctor’s home at the beginning of the episode. The doctor informs Deepa that it would be beneficial for her to remain here. Deepa tells the doctor that she has to be close to Karthik in order to protect him from Mounitha and brings up her previous comments regarding Mounitha. They need her happiness, the doctor’s mother explains, so please don’t forget them.

Deepa promises to go see them. She is asked by the doctor whether she wants to consult Ram Pandu. Karthik’s focus does not, in Deepa’s opinion, need to be on her. She is urged to seek God’s blessings by the doctor’s mother.

Deepa promises to accompany Karthik to get blessings. She explains that they are depressed because of Ram Pandu. Ram claims that they are upset because they will miss her meals. They are pleased when Deepa promises to provide them with food.

She goes. Hima’s name is Soundarya. When Hima arrives, she inquires as to why she called. Tomorrow is your birthday, and Soundarya informs Hima that Anandrao needs new attire to match.

Hima claims she doesn’t want to buy a dress because she would rather give cash and fresh clothing to the orphanage’s children. Even after giving money to the orphanage, Soundarya claims she can still enjoy her birthday as she does every year. Hima claims it’s beneficial to spend time at an orphanage with other kids since she dislikes celebrating her birthday without Sourya. According to Soundarya, Sourya’s actions are causing them anguish.

Hima promises to leave the house so Sourya may go back inside. She is cautioned by Soundarya not to discuss leaving the residence. They must wait for Sourya to come back, she adds. Her request is for Hima to go shopping and purchase children’s clothing for an orphanage.

Hima concurs. Karthik visits the store. Why is he truly contemplating? “Siva queries.

Karthik wonders why Mounitha is worried after instructing Vantalakka to bring her something. Siva claims that you forgot everything, but Mounitha didn’t agree with your plan since Vantalakka was trying to claim you as her spouse. Karthik answers, “Yes. ” Siva tells Karthik that Mounitha needs a decent chef, and he asks Siva if he knows anybody.

Siva alerts Karthik to the aroma of biryani after smelling it. When Karthik visits Mounitha, he complains about the smell of the biryani and suggests that we employ the cook so that the dish would be delicious. Karthik’s concept is praised by Mounitha as well. She claims to be hiring her.

Siva urges her to recruit Karthik, claiming that she is thinking about it. In agreement, Mounitha declares she will employ the individual. Karthik promises to go with her and asks her permission to recruit the individual. Mounitha concurs.

When Karthik and Mounitha arrive, they see that Deepa is preparing the biryani. “You,” Karthik says. If Karthik recalls anything about Deepa, Mounitha becomes concerned. Deepa is informed by Karthik that he is not her doctor Babu and that he remembers her.

Deepa claims that after getting to know it, she made the decision to make food her livelihood. In order to recruit Deepa as their chef, Karthik begs Mounitha. Mounitha considers how to put a stop to it. Deepa is asked to serve as their chef by Karthik.

Deepa offers to send the meal to him, but he declines. Karthik concurs and suggests we begin with the biryani. Deepa requests that Karthik address her by name. Karthik inquires as to her name.

She identifies herself as Deepa. According to Karthik, her name is wonderful. Deepa claims that she also goes by other identities and that she adopts the names of her relatives. Deepa is hampered by Mounitha, who pretends that Karthik is unfamiliar with them.

Karthik is asked to leave, and Mounitha promises to speak with Deepa about money. Karthik is invited to coffee by Deepa. Deepa queries Mounitha about her strategy. Deepa claims she is carrying out Mounitha’s suggestion and that she was in the boutique when they were talking about her.

I arrived in this manner because of it. No matter what Deepa does, Mounitha tells her, she will never be able to separate from Karthik. Deepa reminds Mounitha that it was her, not the other way around, who took Karthik away. Mounitha is warned by Deepa that she would force her to leave Karthik on her own.

“There is absolutely no chance of that,” Mounitha informs Deepa. “Wait and see,” advises Deepa. Deepa is seen considering what Karthik said.