Karthika Deepam 3rd Sep 2022 Written Update β€” Deepa Is Determined

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Enjoy the written update for the recent installment of the alluring show Karthika Deepam ventilated on Saturday, 3rd September 2022 on StarPlus. Deepa Is Determined is the label of the newly discovered episode number S1 E1448.


After interrogating Karthik, Deepa is filled with optimism. In another part of the world, Sourya is feeling downcast since she is unable to locate her parents.


As the episode begins, Deepa says. He ponders why Deepa wanted him to call her Deepa as he considers the names of the people she named. He is confident in his memory and plans to call Deepa properly when they next cross paths. According to Sourya, they had no luck locating her parents.

Varanasi speculates that they may not be present and believes they are dead. Sourya claims she senses their presence. She enquires whether he has images of her parents. in order to spread their images around the city and locate them.

Varanasi claims he doesn’t have their pictures and speculates that if they are still alive, they would come back for their children. Mounitha believes Deepa is making a valiant effort to jog Karthik’s memory of his past. She asks God to remove Deepa from their lives. When Deepa arrives, she calls for Doctor Babu.

Seeing her makes Mounitha furious. She should not address her as “Doctor Babu,” Karthik requests. She claims to like it. Asking why she came, Mounitha Deepa claims to have purchased Doctor Amma’s biryani.

Everyone is your doctor, according to Karthik. Upon witnessing them, Deepa claims she feels it. She queries the beginning of Mounitha’s shop. Mounitha believes Deepa arrived to force him to reflect back on his past.

She requests that Deepa not refer to them as doctors. Deepa inquires as to her ire and learns that she loves to refer to them as doctors. Mounitha is questioned by Karthik regarding the beginning of the store. Deepa questions Karthik as to whether he has any memories of her wife.

Mounitha questions Deepa about her motivations. Mounitha is questioned by Karthik about her yelling. Karthik claims to Deepa that he has lost his memory as a result of an accident. Karthik was told by Deepa not to worry and that he would soon regain his memory.

She’s asked to leave by Mounitha. You may eat later using a spoon since Deepa claims your hand is hurting. I will serve him. Deepa works for him.

Karthik compliments the flavour of the biryani and says he wants to eat it often. He moves to wash his hands. Deepa assures Mounitha that Karthik will soon be able to retrieve his memories. Karthik can’t recall his history, according to Mounitha, because of her medications.

Let’s see whether my love or your medication triumphs, Deepa says. She challenges Karthik to quickly recollect his history. She goes. Sourya is informed by Varanasi that Chandramma and Indrudu are missing.

Varanasi goes to collect Biryani for them after hearing that Chandramma cooked it by scent. Varanasi is informed by Sourya that she would want to eat her mother’s homemade biryani. They will reconnect shortly, according to Varanasi. Deepa explains what occurred to her doctor and her mother.

They hear Deepa tell them that she is overjoyed today since Karthik tried her cuisine. Deepa is asked how she would react if Karthik recalls her by the doctor’s mother. Then, according to Deepa, she would be the happiest person on earth. The doctor advises caution around Mounitha.

He queries Deepa as to whether Karthik thinks Mounitha is his wife. Deepa confirms and explains that they employed me as a chef since Mounitha’s hand was burned. The doctor advises Deepa to check that it is still possible and warns Mounitha to try to get pregnant in order to fully claim Karthik as her own. According to Deepa, nothing similar will occur.

The doctor’s mother also warns her to exercise caution. Sourya questions Varanasi whether he has her parents’ images on his previous phone. The old phone, according to Varanasi, is entirely useless. Its data is obliterated.

Varanasi is now asked by Sourya what they should do. Varanasi offers a suggestion as to why they shouldn’t contact Anandrao and request pictures. If we phone them, Sourya advises, they will answer and know we are here. Varanasi makes an effort to get her to see Soundarya and Anandrao, but Sourya rejects the idea.

Deepa tells herself that she used to cook to support herself, but today she cooks to survive. Deepa hopes that after eating her cuisine, Karthik will remember something.