Karthika Deepam 5th September 2022 Written Update — Karthik Gets Upset

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the revolutionary episode of the riveting TV drama Karthika Deepam brought on Monday, 5th September 2022. Karthik Gets Upset is the designation of the funky episode number S1 E1449.


Sourya is feeling down because she and Varanasi haven’t been able to locate her parents. In another part of the castle, Karthik becomes concerned as Mounitha loses consciousness.


Deepa begins the episode by wishing that after eating her meal, Karthik would recall anything. Deepa recalls what the doctor’s mother mentioned about Mounitha maybe wanting to conceive Karthik and believes she has to act quickly to get him to remember who she is. Deepa comes to mind, and Mounitha realises she has to force Deepa to leave the home. Siva announces that Deepa has arrived.

Mounitha removes Karthik from the garden when she goes to him and tells him she needs to speak to him. Deepa is self-pitying. In the video, Mounitha is heard speaking to Karthik. Since his whole family resides in Mumbai, they are travelling there.

Karthik queries it. Mounitha invents a justification to persuade him. They will go to Mumbai tomorrow, according to Mounitha. Karthik concurs.

Karthik queries what tiffin is. Mounitha promises to ask Deepa to prepare lunch today. Karthik concurs. Deepa’s home is revealed to have Mounitha waiting outside.

What is she doing here? Deepa queries. When Mounitha enters, she teases Deepa. Deepa’s confidence is shaken when Mounitha attempts to undermine it.

However, Deepa responds to Mounitha effectively. As they prepare to depart Mumbai tomorrow, Mounitha makes the decision to incite Karthik’s enmity against Deepa. Karthik wants more than just food, says Mounitha, telling Deepa not to prepare upma. Mounitha is made fun of by Deepa, who promises to make Upma.

As she departs, Mounitha says, “We’ll see. ” Deepa makes Upma for him and something different for Mounitha, she tells herself. Karthik inquires about Mounitha’s whereabouts. Karthik is told by Mounitha that she went to speak with Deepa about tiffin.

Karthik recalls discussing it. They will take a flight to Mumbai tomorrow at 7 o’clock, Mounitha informs Karthik. Karthik queries Mounitha about the presence of his relatives. Yes, Mounitha answers.

Deepa approaches Karthik with food and conversation. Karthik queries if she brought a tiffin. Yes, replies Deepa, adding that she brought Idly for Mounitha and Upma for him. As Deepa and Karthik are conversing, Karthik receives food from Deepa.

After eating Deepa’s dinner, Mounitha throws up in the sink. When Karthik becomes anxious, he phones Siva. Siva arrives and inquires as to Mounitha’s whereabouts. When Karthik finds Mounitha comatose on the couch, he begs Siva to summon the doctor. Deepa believes she is performing.