Karthika Deepam 6th September 2022 Written Update — Mounitha’s Wicked Plan

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Let us explore the written update for the different articles of the compulsive TV show Karthika Deepam printed on Tuesday, 6th September 2022. Mounitha’s Wicked Plan is the moniker of the latest episode number S1 E1450.


Karthika Deepam 6 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E1450
Title: Mounitha’s Wicked Plan
Description Mounitha concocts a nefarious scheme and instigates hostilities between Karthik and Deepa. After some time has passed, as Sourya thinks back on her memories with her parents, she begins to feel upset.


At the beginning of the episode, Karthik requests Siva to get in touch with a physician. Siva is going to place a call to the physician. Siva appears some minutes later and reports that he has dialled the doctor’s number. Karthik requests that Deepa go if she has any job to attend to. Deepa will depart from that location.

The attending physician who arrives examines Mounitha. Karthik describes to the physician what she was doing just before losing consciousness. The physician examines her and determines that she is suffering from food poisoning. Mounitha comes to them when she is lying in the hospital bed. The doctor inquires about her state of health.

Mounitha instructs the physician to do the procedure in front of her husband rather than before her. The physician shares this view. Mounitha requests the doctor to get in touch with Karthik. The physician shares this view. Both Varanasi and Sourya make a trip to the hospital to provide some supplies.

Karthik, please come to the doctor’s office. Sourya does some exploring of the medical facility. Karthik inquires about Mounitha’s state of health. Mounitha believes they are very fortunate. They took the patient to the hospital, and the attending physician reported that the patient was suffering from severe food poisoning.

Karthik is curious about how she got food poisoning. Karthik gets a reminder from Mounitha about Deepa, and Mounitha tells Karthik that Deepa is to blame for her getting food poisoning. She also brings up the fact that Deepa has provided them with two separate tiffins, and she tells him that Deepa wants to murder her to claim him as her own. Karthik has expressed his inability to trust what she has been saying to Mounitha. Mounitha adds, “You won’t accept what the doctor said, but you won’t believe what I say either.

” Mounitha has warned her that if she continues to live there, she will eventually pass away. Karthik loses his temper and walks out of the hospital. Mounitha jumps out of bed as soon as she sees Karthik leave the room. Karthik walks by in an attempt to convey that she is innocent of the crime. However, Karthik has no interest in hearing what she has to say.

Deepa informs Karthik that he is already married, and he requests that she not appear in front of him again. Deepa sobs quietly to herself, still feeling wounded by Karthik’s comments about her. Sourya remembers her mother and father. Varanasi inquires about what she is contemplating. Sourya has shown that she is pondering things with her parents.

Varanasi reassures her that there is no need to be concerned and informs her that we will continue to hunt for them. Varanasi learns from Sourya how she is feeling. Because of what Mounitha did to Deepa, the doctor’s mother has a curse on her head. Mounitha is the discussion between Deepa and the doctor’s mother. The doctor tries to explain her intention of going to the temple with her husband to perform an Archana in the name of their children.

Deepa claims that Mounitha derailed every single one of her plans. Deepa is advised by the doctor to keep her strength. She receives an invitation from the doctor’s mother to accompany them back home. Deepa claims that she will remain in this location. They are in accord.