Karthika Deepam 7th September 2022 Written Update — Mounitha in Distress

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Get the written update for the another episode of the captivating TV broadcast Karthika Deepam propagated on Wednesday, 7th September 2022. Mounitha in Distress is the label of the most recently published episode number S1 E1451.


Karthika Deepam 7 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E1451
Title: Mounitha in Distress
Summary Hima makes a plea to Soundarya, asking her to meet with Sourya. In a different part of the castle, Mounitha is feeling anxious because Deepa is interfering with her plan to cut Karthik off from her.


At the beginning of the episode, we saw Karthik assisting Mounitha in getting into bed. Karthik inquires about Mounitha’s well-being. Mounitha reports she is doing well. Karthik inquires whether she needs anything.

Mounitha says nothing. Siva is instructed by Mounitha to determine whether Deepa is still present in the front residence. According to Siva, the front door is secured by a lock. Mounitha overhears Karthik telling Deepa that he has issued her a warning and that they will not see her again.

Mounitha is relieved to learn that Karthik cautioned her, and she inquires about the matter. Karthik explains to Mounitha how he had a short conversation with Deepa. Mounitha’s mood has improved, and she reveals to Karthik that she is considering postponing her departure. Siva also agrees.

Karthik suggests to Mounitha that she take a break and relax. Karthik and Siva make their way out of the room. Mounitha thinks to herself with satisfaction that her strategy was successful. It seems like Hima is reminiscing about their birthdays with Sourya’s picture.

Hima receives Soundarya and Anandrao at his home. Hima approaches Soundarya and Anandrao with a request for a favor and begs Anandrao to arrange airplane tickets for both her and Soundarya so that she may see Sourya. Soundarya and Anandrao persuaded Hima that it is a poor plan because of how Sourya will react when he sees Hima. Anandrao has suggested that they may visit at another time if she so desires.

On the day that is dedicated to Sourya and Hima, Deepa makes her way to the temple to perform an Archana in their names. Deepa turns to God in prayer, asking for his protection over them. Deepa confides her suffering to God and asks him to reunite their family as she prays for him to grant her dream. Sourya is transported to the temple in the automobile that belongs to Varanasi.

Sourya inquires Sourya as to the reason why she requested that he bring her to the shrine. Sourya claims this is her birthday. Varanasi sends her best wishes on her upcoming birthday. Sourya claims her birthday is today, but that she won’t be happy until she locates her biological parents.

Sourya and Varanasi both go to a sacred place to worship. Additionally, Deepa is present at the same temple. However, they are not aware of one another. Both Sourya and Varanasi go to Pandit to have Pooja performed for them.

When Pandit inquires what their names are, After that, Sourya pretends her name is Jwala rather than her name. Jwala’s name is invoked in the pooja that is performed by Pandit Ji. Sourya sends out a prayer to God, pleading with him to grant her request and let her meet her parents. Karthik and Mounitha both make it to the same time at the same time.

Karthik questions Mounitha about the reason for our visit to the shrine. Mounitha has informed him he is required to make a vow in front of God that he would never see Deepa or communicate with her again. According to Karthik, it’s possible that Deepa fled because of what occurred the day before. Mounitha does not seem to be paying attention to him as she continues to grasp his hand and lead him inside the shrine.

Deepa recognizes Karthik and Mounitha as they are at the temple, and she decides to investigate their presence there. Mounitha approaches Pandit Ji with a request, asking him to bring Aarti to the promise. Karthik is asked by the Pandit Ji to consider what it is that he wishes to pledge and then to place his hand on the aarthi. Karthik is asked by Mounitha to commit in front of God that he would not speak to or see Deepa ever again.

Deepa is aware of what Mounitha has to say. When Karthik is on the verge of committing, Deepa confronts him and tells him to stop, stating that she hasn’t done anything wrong. Mounitha explains to Deepa that she was admitted to the hospital due to consuming tainted food. Deepa asserts that she did not poison her meal, and to substantiate her claim, she makes a solemn vow in the presence of God that she did not put any poison in her food.

Karthik inquires about Mounitha’s thoughts at this juncture. Mounitha has said that she does not believe her at this time. In addition to this, Deepa inquires about Mounitha and whether or not she was hospitalized as a result of consuming her meal. Mounitha has told her that there is no need for her to carry it out.

Karthik also solicits a pledge from Mounitha on his behalf. Mounitha spots Sourya inside the temple, which causes her concern. Karthik notices that Mounitha is preoccupied, so he searches for whatever it is that Mounitha is staring at, but he comes up empty. Mounitha concludes that she must get out of this city as soon as possible.