Ranbeer Shows His Trust in Prachi β€” Kumkum Bhagya | 30 Aug

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Enjoy the written update for the latest episode of the sweet TV drama Kumkum Bhagya propagated on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on Zee TV. Ranbeer Shows His Trust in Prachi is the designation of the freshest episode number E 2197.


Prachi is cared after by Ranbeer. Pallavi reveals that Ranbeer is not the father of Prachi’s kid once the DNA result is received. Rhea is overjoyed, but Ranbeer expresses his confidence in Prachi.


Prachi tells Ranbir at the beginning of the episode that she would never leave him, but on one condition. What is it? asks Ranbir. He must marry her, according to Prachi.

She claims he already married Rhea, and therefore, in order to undo it, he must wed her. Every year, Ranbir vows to wed her. Prachi and Ranbir begin to discuss their kids. Shahana is warned not to attempt to flee by the goons once again.

Shahana converses with the girl and receives an idea from her. The girl claims that they will flee and that when the thugs pursue her, they will have the benefit of fleeing. The thugs pursue the girl and her companion as they flee. Shahana releases her knot as she notices that the thugs have left.

Sid converses with a different self. In his own reality, there will never be another buddy like him. Considering that he brings discredit to friendship. Sid talks to himself at that moment about his circumstances.

He is persuaded to tell Vikram the truth by his own volition. Sid concurs. Shahana attempts to flee but stops as she sees two thugs standing close to the vehicle. She avoids them, diverts their attention, and hides in the cardboard box.

The thugs hear a noise and search for what it is. One of the thugs observes the cardboard box moving. The other thugs claim that since you had a lot of drinks, the cardboard box seems to be moving. They leave the area.

Shahana attempts to enter the vehicle but is unable to do so since the car’s keys are missing. She manages to grab hold of Ranbir’s phone when she tries to see if there is anything. When Sid enters Vikram’s room, he notices the suit hanging over the back of the chair. Sid, who believes Vikram is in the vehicle, tells Vikram everything that transpired and claims Rhea and Alia are using this as a plot to get you to turn on Prachi.

When Sid doesn’t hear back, he switches on the lights to check, but all that’s there is Vikram’s suit in the chairβ€”not the man himself. Sid thinks he would be completely honest with Vikram. Vikram gets a call from Shahana telling him to call the police. What happened?

“Vikram queries. Shahana says Vikram has to know what occurred, and Ranbir and Prachi are in peril. According to Shahana, the Shalimar storehouse contains Shahana is instructed by Vikram to communicate her location, but she is unable to do so since her phone is cut off. Pallavi overhears Shahana’s words from Vikram.

The whole family departs to rescue Ranbir and Prachi. Prachi and Ranbir have a conversation. Ranbir never complimented Prachi’s eyes, she tells him. Ranbir begins to laud them.

Prachi claims she lied and that he had previously complimented her eyes. Ranbir claims to want a kiss. No, Prachi disagrees. They get a visit from the females who fled.

Prachi is encouraged to kiss Ranbir by them. She does not, however. Sid doesn’t see anybody in the home. Sid phones Vikram and inquires as to their whereabouts.

Ranbir and Prachi, according to Vikram, were in difficulty and were abducted. He invites Sid to join him and says he will provide Sid with the address. Sid promises to be there immediately. Prachi feels awkward kissing Ranbir.

According to Ranbir, there is no reason to be timid with your spouse. Prachi begins by mentioning her nose. Ranbir and Prachi prepare to kiss afterward. Inadvertently tripping, Ranbir strikes Prachi.

He is nasty, according to Prachi, who reminds him of the time he struck her. Prachi is asked by Ranbir whether she recalls everything. Because they are our memories, says Prachi.