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Get the written update for the freshly released installment of the magical television broadcast Kumkum Bhagya provided on Monday, 29 August 2022 on Zee TV. Ranbir and Prachi are kidnapped is the moniker of the brand-new episode number E2205.

Ranbir and Prachi are kidnapped Kumkum Bhagya 29 Aug Update

Ranbir and Prachi are imprisoned in a room by the kidnappers.


The kidnapper’s gun is pointed at Prachi at the beginning of the episode. She claims that while she could kill her, they would only receive payment for a live body. She spits while claiming to be enraged. She sprays them in order to get them drunk.

The kidnapper claims that two girls have already fled and claims that you would have done this before. They are asked to go and capture them by the female kidnapper. She requests that they bring the females. Ranbir admits to Shahana that he thought he had observed the tempo.

While conversing with Ranbir, Shahana, the car’s driver, hits the girl. She apologises to the girl as she kneels down. When Ranbir descends, he asks Shahana if she has inquired about Prachi. Shahana, who is crying, claims that she might not be aware of Prachi.

Ranbir queries the young lady about his wife, Prachi. I am aware that you are already anxious, says Shahana. I know where Prachi is, the girl replies, adding that it’s nice that he inquired. The female kidnapper claims that everyone is affected, as if they are drunk.

The kidnapper tells the man over the phone: You were about to assist us in crossing the border. The guy claims the girl is lovely. The kidnapper claims that I did not transmit the photo of the lovely girl. He sends a picture, and the guy comments that she is lovely and should be brought.

The female abductor approaches the girls. Due to the spray, Prachi becomes intoxicated and frightens the female kidnapper, along with the other girls. I am bad, she says. The other girl requests to play with the female kidnapper.

Prachi apologises while playing with the female kidnapper. The female kidnapper claims that she was struck. Prachi apologises before whipping her with her slipper. From there, the female kidnapper departs.

The girl is seated with Prachi, who informs her that this is not her home because her sister Shahana and husband Ranbir are not present. If she is married, the girl enquires. Yes, Prachi replies, displaying her mangalsutra. She chuckles and compliments my husband, Ranbir, on his good looks.

Ranbir and Shahana arrive at the location. A few of the kidnappers are prepared to depart to offer the person assisting them in crossing the border money. Still intoxicated is Ranbir. The abductors depart.

The noise alerted nearby kidnappers, but they were unable to see anyone. He makes the decision to enter and sip tea. Ranbir is asked to get up by Shahana. They enter the building.

According to Shahana, this is a scam used to seize and sell girls. Where is Prachi, demands Ranbir? He sips from the cup once again. He is being stopped by Shahana.

“Now watch how I save Prachi,” Ranbir says. She hears his name. Prachi phones him and identifies Baklu’s voice. Prachi, says Ranbir.

Prachi approaches him. Ranbir greets her by giving her a hug. Who is he, the girl queries? He is my attractive husband, according to Prachi.

According to Ranbir, his husband is a liar. He claims he enjoys watching Prachi become envious. Prachi cries, saying she misses him and adds, “You are funny. There, Shahana arrives and requests that they depart first.

There, the kidnappers arrive. He is the terrible person, according to Prachi, who brought me here. The kidnapper introduces himself as Ashok and asks if he will take him to PS. Ranbir chuckles.

He should make sweet paan and abandon Shahana. Ranbir refers to me as the charming husband. He is under the kidnapper’s death threat. I’ll murder you, “Ranbir threatens as he pulls out a wine bottle.

You will perish, “the female kidnapper claims. The kidnapper asks him to put a stop to the drama as the countdown begins. When more thugs arrive and try to capture Prachi and Shahana, Ranbir spits on his face and flees with them. Fighting between the captors and the kidnapped girls are Ranbir, Prachi, Shahana, and.

Shahana is being shot at by the kidnapper. According to Prachi, the game is over. Ranbir apologises and tells them to collect their weapons. Shahana, Prachi, and I shall be leaving, he says.

They are not comprehending what is occurring, so the lady kidnapper says she will lock them in a room. As they are phoning them, Prachi asks Ranbir to arrive. Ranbir claims that he liked to fight. Ranbir and Prachi are imprisoned and locked in a room by their female kidnapper.

Shahana is asked to sit by the kidnapper. According to Shahana, she won’t abandon them. She issues an alert. She is restrained and threatened with death by the thug.

Shahana enquires, “Will you kill me? ” Ranbir and Prachi’s tongues are being threatened by the kidnapper. The abductor instructs the other abductors not to give the victims water. After asking for water, the child reports to Shahana that Prachi attempted to flee.

The girl is questioned by the abductor about why she is not drunk. The girl claims to drink a lot. She assures Shahana that they find Prachi attractive and that they will protect her. Shahana’s top concerns are Prachi and Ranbir.

Water was brought by the female kidnapper and given to Ranbir. Prachi is urged to drink water by Ranbir. Prachi tears and drops the water bottle, claiming that he has abandoned her. As per Ranbir, you abandoned me with your belongings.

Prachi responds, “Yes, I do. ” When you were going to leave me, he sobs. You were married to Rhea, “shouts Prachi. Ranbir begs her not to cry and promises not to let her cry.