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Enjoy the written update for the up-to-date webisode of the engrossing television broadcast Meet delivered on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on Zee TV. Neelam Tries to Commit Suicide is the name of the revolutionary episode number E 340.


Neelam Makes Several Attempts to Take Her Own Life


In order to hide the reality from investors, Meet Ahlawat begins the show by referring to TV rather than “Biwi. ” He owns six TVs and other things. Meet claims that she is just discussing spouses and not television. Although Meet Ahlawat has two wives, all three of them get along well and gladly share a home. Meet Ahlawat claims that it was a joke out of embarrassment.

Investors respond by asking, “Who is his wife then? It seems like a mystery. ” Meet or Neelam? After considerable thought, Meet Ahlawat declares that Meet Hooda is his wife. Hearing that discourages Neelam.

Masoom refuses to eat the greasy meal that Dadi gave her. She is warned by Dadi not to act out and that she must help out around the home in order to be here. Masoom finds it shocking. Dadi hands her a broom and instructs her to properly clean the home. Masoom becomes irate, and Hosiyar advises her not to object since they are required to do all of this because they are not paying Meet’s Dadi’s rent.

Masoom claims that Manushi is to blame for the cancellation of her music video filming. She wants to work for her father’s company since she can’t begin there. After her transgressions, according to Hosiyar, her family won’t let her work for the company. Masoom claims that since everyone likes him, he can discuss this with Meet Ahlawat. Hosiyar promises not to sour his relationship with Meet Ahlawat.

Masoom asks for him. Neelam enters her room and removes all of her clothing from the wardrobe. She pulls the pictures from Meet and Meet Ahlawat and burns them. Meet Ahlawat brings Meet into the room and reprimands her for making fun of him in front of Mr. Bhalla, a key investor.

If Meet can harm his wife’s feelings, then why is he embarrassed if she told his visitors the same thing? According to Meet, it was his idea to split the days between his two wives. He claims she shouldn’t have damaged his reputation in front of strangers. She claims that although he may trash his spouse in private, he cannot damage his reputation in public. She intervenes as he prepares to depart, telling him to resolve the situation before Raj returns.

Before her future is damaged, she has to send Neelam back to her house to solve the issue. She will never divorce him, says Meet. Neelam enters Meet Ahlawat’s room after he departs. She locks the door to her room and enters the garden. It is locked when he tries to open it.

She sees Neelam dousing herself with kerosene through the glass. Meet, who is startled, requests that she stop. She screams while shattering the window glass. Neelam strikes the matches, and Meet uses a hefty object to smash the door lock. She quickly disposes of the matches before running to Neelam.

She slaps Neelam. Neelam sobs and wonders why she helped the woman. Meet asks, “What would happen to Neelam’s family? ” if she passes away. Deep and Barfi will take responsibility for her death.

Neelam claims that she is not as powerful as Meet and that she has come up with no alternative solutions to this issue. The anguish is too much for her to handle. She queries Meet as to whether he has an answer. Neelam was quick to blame Meet, but she should have given it more consideration before marrying Meet Ahlawat, according to Meet. According to Neelam, she was not in a position to consider She agreed to marry him after being asked to.

But how will she mend it now that she can’t undo what has been done? In Meet’s opinion, Neelam had become inadvertently wedged between her and Meet Ahlawat.