Mithai will receive a sweet surprise from Sid β€” 29 Aug

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Check out the written update for the funky chapter of the engrossing show Mithai delivered on Monday, 29 August 2022 on Zee TV. Mithai will receive a sweet surprise from Sid. is the designation of the present day’s episode number E126.


Mithai is in for a romantic surprise, which Sid has planned.


I went wild to obtain Sid and did so many bad things, says Apeksha, telling Sid and the family. Even though I was only his friend, I also lost his friendship. I wish to publicly thank Mithai because she was right that I should aid Sid as a buddy. She approaches Dadu and begs for his forgiveness so that everyone will also As per Dadu’s statement that friendship comes before all else, I forgive you now that you are aware of your transgressions. Mithai prevents Sid from interrupting the speaker.

Apeksha apologises to Sid. Don’t apologise, Sid says; you are an old buddy of mine. Apeksha expresses her heartfelt apologies to Mithai. I forgive you since Mithai claims that you are his friend and resemble my sister. Apeksha embraces her while grinning.

I wanted to leave the family, but Mithai made me understand how important they are, so Sid assures the family that I won’t be leaving. I’m quitting my job to devote more time to the family business. I’ll increase this company’s profitability. She will collaborate with him, he promises Mithai. Girish says as he embraces Girish.

We are powerful again, according to Abhishek. Dadu is informed by Girish that our family has reunified. Dadu gives a nod before departing. Dadu is approached by Mithai, who queries why he appears anxious. Dadu claims that although I wanted Sid to remain, I didn’t want him to manage this situation because he was qualified for it.

I believed everything would be okay at this point, but according to Mithai, he made a choice without consulting anyone. He is unaware that this company is stable and that he has few options. I would rather help my father by opening a shop than join his large corporation. Dadu claims that I believed Sid to be conceited today and that Sid was ignorant about the sweets. You ought to tell him that he shouldn’t join the company.

Mithai claims that if I refuse him, he will start to compete. Find a solution, Dadu advises. After hearing everything, Apeksha decides to put it to use. When Apeksha speaks to Sid, she advises him to ask Mithai to marry him because he has grown to love her. Sid says, “I don’t know what to do,” while blushing.

You can organise something for her, adds Apeksha, and send the family on an outing. I’ll give you some videos for inspiration. Wait till tonight to surprise her with a conversation. Sid thinks it’s a smart concept. Apeksha smirks and predicts that Mithai will give me Sid.

In his conversation with Shubham, Sid states, “I need your help. Actually, I’ll give you the strategy. ” Shubham chuckles and remarks that you have turned romantic. Today, I’m taking the family to the mandir. When Mithai arrives and tries to speak with Sid, he responds, “I have some work,” and then he walks away.

Mithai is uncertain. Every member of the household is prepared to visit the mandir in the evening. According to Mithai, Sid has not yet returned. Shubham says you can accompany Sid as we go right away. The entire family departs.

Sid is waiting for Mithai, who informs me that I must speak with him. When she enters her room, the door has been locked. She tries to phone Sid when she’s terrified, but he doesn’t answer. When the door opens, Mithai is just about to leap from the balcony. When Mithai enters the lounge, he sees that it is decorated.

Sid is waiting for her there. Mithai is taken aback. She is shown in their wedding photo as Sid escorts her to the dining room table.