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Check out the written update for the most recent article of the interesting telecast Mithai promulgated on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 on Zee TV. Mithai wants Harimohan’s aid is the name of the up-to-date episode number E128.



Mithai awakens to find Sid at the beginning of the episode. She refers to Dadu’s grandson. She approaches Sid, who motions for her to put her head on his chest. She rests her head on Mithai’s chest.

Sid gives her a hug and wonders whether she slept or was just acting sleepy. She didn’t sleep because, according to Mithai, she felt let down by him. Sid claims he’s not upset. He claims that he won’t get in the way of her achieving her objective and that their journeys’ destinations are distinct.

He’s about to walk out. He is stopped by Mithai, who places the rose at his feet. She begs him not to misinterpret her. Sid claims to have realized the distinction between personal and professional aspirations.

She is asked to go to bed. According to Mithai, she is unable to sleep because she must be at the business before him, making it seem competitive. Sid implies that she is unable to compete with him. Girish claims he ate too much.

Sid informs Girish that he will accompany him to the workplace. Girish describes it as “good news. He invites Mithai to go with them. Mithai claims that her dreams are distinctive.

Sid claims that Mithai will follow her aspirations and won’t be a part of our H&M treats. Do they quarrel with one another, asks Abha? She challenges them to put their differences aside. Sid advises Mithai to realize her ambition.

Girish commends Sid for being a nice spouse. Abha requests that Abhishek study under Sid. Even if he learns, says Abhishek, she won’t listen to him. Harimohan is informed as Mithai and Sid depart.

Mithai asks the Almighty to ignite the Diya. Sid sets up the office space. Everyone accompanies Sid. Sid was assured by Apeksha that their project would go worldwide.

The scent of ghee causes Sid to sneeze. He is urged to adapt by Girish. They are asked to relocate by Apeksha. It’s difficult to adjust, says Girish.

Sid assures them that nothing is difficult and promises to set up a new office for them. Apeksha displays a thought. Sid claims that robots can produce sweets in place of labor. Pramod applauds their concept.

Mithai orders her crew to cook dessert. Sid inquires about Girish’s thoughts on their performance. Girish promises to inform him privately. He is asked to notify everyone by Sid.

It isn’t as excellent, according to Girish. With this concept, Sid claims they can appeal to a worldwide market. Karishma may go to America with this initiative, according to Pramod. A VegKala Sangam participant approaches Mithai and informs her about the contest.

He inquires as to her involvement. Mithai claims that whether she succeeds or fails will be decided by Krishna Ji. She completes the form. Sid explains that they must prevail in the contest.

Sid takes his shirt off. Mithai walks in and turns when he sees Sid without a shirt. Sid queries why she arrived without ringing the doorbell. Sid approaches her while wearing a shirt and offers her a rose.

She can acquire her dad’s store key, Mithai informs him. Sid deems it favorable. Both demonstrate their forms and acknowledge that they are participating in the same event. Sid asserts that their relationship must not be harmed by this rivalry.

Mithai concurs. She requests a pledge from him. Sid claims that I will succeed in the tournament and that it is a guarantee. Mithai observes.

The next day, Apeksha visits and speaks with Sid. Sid is asked by Apeksha why he is concerned. Sid discusses the contest with Apeksha. Apeksha suggests a solution and advises him to enlist his father’s assistance.

Sid praises Apeksha for her suggestion. In this tournament, Mithai tells Dadu she wants to try something new. Dadu is asked for aid by Mithai. Mithai and Dadu discuss it.

Sid appears and claims he needs to speak with Harimohan. Sid requests Hari Mohan’s assistance in the contest. As per Hari Mohan, Mithai requested his assistance initially. Mithai tells Harimohan to assist Sid and promises to find a solution.

Sid claims you arrived first, so you may accept Dadu’s assistance. Why can’t they cooperate? “Hari Mohan queries. Sid claims that while they are a couple in real life, they are rivals in their career.