Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho 14th Sep Written Update β€” Savitri strikes Madhu

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Manyata cries while hugging their painting. Kabir tells Yuvraj the royal palace will hold a wedding. Pandit suggests muhurta after 1.5 months. Kabir promised Manyata a job, but he says she should have it now. Yuvraj thinks Manyata is smart and will continue her schooling. Katha thinks Manyata is too young to marry. Chachi believes Katha did wrong; Madhu doesn’t like Yuvraj. Katha tells Uma what keeps her awake.


Let us explore the written update for the different episode of the provocative TV broadcast Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho reported on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Savitri strikes Madhu is the label of the newly discovered episode number S1 E75.


At the beginning of the episode, Manyata beams as she looks at a sketch of a picture she took with Yuvraj. In a fit of rage, Katha takes possession of the drawing. She is reminded of how Yuvraj threatened to blackmail her. The drawing is torn up by her. Manyata attempts to dissuade her from revealing that she created it as a present for Yuvraj.

Katha cautions manyata to avoid ever coming into contact with Yuvraj again, and Katha requests that she severe all of her ties to Yuvraj. Manyata asks Katha if she has forgotten that Yuvraj proposed to her and that she is now engaged to him. Katha tells Manyata to take the ring off her finger. Manyata demands that she cease acting like a raving lunatic immediately. She explains to everyone that she is prepared for this marriage, as well as the reason why she wants me to end my relationship with Yuvraj.

Katha believes that Manyata won’t be able to handle it if the truth is revealed. She informs her that Yuvraj is not healthy for her and that she should pull out of the marriage in trust, assuring her that she would explain the cause very soon. Manyata has told me that I can’t trust you with Yuvraj’s business. It’s possible that thinking about how other people feel makes you anxious, but Katha assures me that you have nothing to worry about since she will take care of everything. She leaves the house.

Manyata is shown crying while clutching various parts of their drawing. After one and a half months, the muhurta is suggested by the pandit. Yuvraj asks Pandit to inspect the early muhurta. Savitri urges Uma to witness how Yuvraj is enthusiastic like Kabir. According to Kabir, arriving late is not necessary, and you are going to have a good daughter-in-law.

Kabir informs Yuvraj that the royal palace will play host to an extravagant wedding ceremony. When Katha arrives, she breaks the news to everyone that the wedding won’t take place. Uma inquires as to whether or not she is aware of what it is that she is discussing. Katharine retorts, “Yes, I am aware, and there will be no wedding. ” Savitri and Kabir both inquire as to what the issue is.

Katha believes that since Manyata is still young, she is not ready for this marriage, and that Manyata should instead focus on her education. Yuvraj believes that Manyata has a lot of potential and that she will be able to continue her education even after getting married. Kabir promised manyata a position, but he claims that she should have the right to it immediately. Katha claims that I will not be able to discuss the cause. She makes the plea that they call off the wedding.

She informs Manyata that they are going to Nainital and asks her to help pack her luggage before she continues. Everyone is taken aback by the news. Madhu tells Yash that even if Katha puts an end to marriage for good, there is still something lacking, and we need to figure out what it is. Yash cracks a grin. Madhu inquires as to the reason for his grin.

Yash provides her with the sonography results that Katha had performed and informs her that they provide the answers to her inquiries. When Madhu looks at the report, she grins. In the chamber, Kabir questions Katha about why she did not consult with him before making her decision. Because Katha said that everything is occurring very rapidly and that you two are also selecting where it will take place, I declined to go. He questions her authority to make such a choice about Manyata’s life.

Katharine claims that I am unable to relax. She wants him to discourage Manyata from proceeding with the marriage in question. According to Kabir, you may get the impression that Yuvraj is emotionally blackmailing us. Katha claims that it is true, but Yuvraj believes that it is not the case for my sister. Manyata tells Kabir to stop treating Yuvraj like a criminal, and he explains that Yuvraj is changing in a positive manner for Manyata and that he is becoming healthier as a result of their marriage.

Katharine has said that she is unhappy in her marriage, which the reader should comprehend. Katha insists that they must also take into account how Manyata and Yuvraj are feeling. He expresses his desire for her to consent to the marriage. Katha denies it. Kabir claims that up until this point, he has backed all of your choices, but not in this particular situation.

According to him, the marriage will take place. He exits the room and sees Uma standing at their entrance. Chachi thinks Katha did wrong. Savitri explains that they are unable to draw any conclusions and requests that they refrain from questioning Katha about the matter since she is pregnant. Madhu arrives at the location and inquires as to the reason why Savitri always backs Katha.

Savitri inquires about what transpired. According to Madhu, it is a negative occurrence. She brings them the sonography data for Katha and reveals to them that Katha is pregnant prior to the couple being married. According to Madhu, it is a waste of time to discuss the character of Katha. Savitri implores her to refrain from commenting on Katha’s personality.

Deepa wants to know what’s so embarrassing about it. Before they get married, Kabir could get to know her better. According to Chachi, it is a disgrace. Savitri cautions them not to bring up the subject while Katha is present in the conversation. Deepa wants to know what her mother thinks of Kabir’s ability to complete the task before they get married.

Savitri smacks Madhu and tells her that she can’t listen to anything that is said about her son and daughter-in-law. Madhu continues to say things that Savitri finds offensive. Uma inquires of Katha, “What exactly is it that’s keeping you up at night, and why do you have such difficulty with this marriage? ” Katha claims that Yuvraj is not a morally upstanding person. Uma inquires as to what is causing her to feel in such a manner. Katha claims Yuvraj is Rahul. Uma is stunned.