Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho 13th September 2022 Written Update β€” Manyata is proposed by Yuvraj

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Yuvraj performs on Dhol and asks his girlfriend Manyata to marry him. Kabir hears Yuvraj tell him he loves Manyata. He says Manu came up with the concept for Modak biscuits. Savitri counsels Katha against doing any weightlifting as Baba said the change would occur. Manyata is brought home by Yuvraj, who informs her that they have arrived.


Explore the written update for the another episode of the enchanting TV broadcast Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho reported on Tuesday, 13th September 2022. Manyata is proposed by Yuvraj. is the designation of the funky episode number S1 E75.


Uma tells Katha at the beginning of the episode that because everyone believes you and Kabir are the parents, maintain it that way and keep the reality hidden. Savitri arrives and inquires about the truth. Uma can get Katha to understand that she has to take care of herself. Savitri declares that she is overjoyed to be giving us an heir and that she would look after Katha.

She claims that Baba said that change will occur and that this transformation is lovely. She counsels Katha against doing any weightlifting. She claims she wants Dhol music played in their home so everyone may participate in her joy. Yuvraj performs on Dhol.

People emerged from their rooms in a group. Madhu queries his performance on the Dhol at night. Yuvraj claims that I want to tell everyone the happy news that I am in love. Katha is startled.

Yuvraj claims that a few months ago, he met a girl and fell in love with her; nevertheless, he caused her pain and would now make amends. If she’s there, Kabir queries. She is, according to Yuvraj. Everyone observes.

Yuvraj reminds Kabir that he promised to assist him in persuading his girlfriend. Yes, Kabir responds, but who is she? Yuvraj strolls over to Katha. Katha tensely fed.

Yuvraj extends a hand. He holds Manyata’s hand. Katha becomes frightened. Kabir hears Yuvraj tell him he loves Manyata.

Kabir queries the time frame. I don’t know when their friendship blossomed into love, according to Yuvraj. He says Manu came up with the concept for Modak biscuits. I’ve impressed you, Kabir says.

Manyata receives an apology from Yuvraj for her lack of dedication. He seeks advice from his mum. Savitri supports their cooperation. Yuvraj then requests Uma’s opinion.

Uma concurs. Yuvraj is asked to proceed by Kabir. In front of Manyata, Yuvraj kneels and asks her to marry him. Manyata concurs.

She must wear the ring, according to Yuvraj. Everyone cheers them on. Katha becomes anxious. Kabir performs the Dhol in the happy.

Savitri embraces Uma. Madhu ponders things afterward. It’s useless to consider it, according to Yash. Madhu claims there is a plot against my brothers.

She claims that Manyata and Katha are plotting to dominate us and that you are to blame since I warned you that Katha might get pregnant before marriage. She claims that if we confront them, she won’t have a chance to catch Yuvraj. She blames him, and Yash queries why. Madhu claims that Katha may not have entered our home without your intervention that day.

Yash inquires as to her strategy. To learn the truth, according to Madhu, they must see the doctor who told everyone about Katha’s pregnancy. Manyata is brought home by Yuvraj, who informs her that they have arrived. Manyata said she wanted to take it all in.

When we are married, Yuvraj adds, you may enjoy yourselves. The two of them embrace. If he’s heading to the bakery, Manyata queries. Yuvraj concurs.

Manyata claims that she misses him. Yuvraj claims he shares her sentiments, which is why he popped the question in front of everyone. Manyata expresses her delight at his proposal and requests her impending nuptials. Yuvraj promises to wed her shortly.

Hugging him, Manyata says her excitement for the big day. Following a cheek kiss, she walks away. She is innocent, Yuvraj thinks as he wipes his face. Yuvraj is getting ready to go.

He is stopped by Katha, who challenges him for betraying her by trapping her sister. According to Yuvraj, they are in love and want to wed shortly. Katha hits him. She claims to be aware of your strategy and that the use of Manyata is because you don’t want me to reveal it to Kabir.

Katha inquires as to if he intends to extort her. Yuvraj claims that you comprehend my strategy well and that I purposefully recommended Manyata in front of everyone to keep you quiet. You misjudged me, Katha claims, and I’ll now expose you to Kabir. If Manyata tells Kabir about his duplicity, Yuvraj threatens to bring toofan into her life. Yuvraj queries if her sister’s life is more essential than exposing him. Katha observes. Yuvraj adjourns.