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Check out the written update for the original episode of the magical TV drama Pandya Store issued on Monday, 29 August 2022 on StarPlus. Shiva Locates Raavi is the caption of the groovy episode number S1 E504.


After investigating the entire city, Shiva discovers Raavi comatose in a hospital. Dhara advises buying a vehicle for the family after Raavi recounts the incident.


The episode begins with Shiva, Gautam, and Krish on the hunt for Raavi. She’s in the hospital. Shiva inquires if you saw her. The lady says you are Raavi’s husband, and she lavishes you with praise.

She is correct; she was late getting home, and you went to locate her. He notices someone and believes it is Raavi. He notices someone else and apologises. He sobs as he recalls Raavi.

He asks, “Where have you gone? I vow I won’t fight you again. He receives a video call from his relatives. Gautam claims that we did not find her.

Dhara wonders what Shiva is thinking. Shiva adds that if she isn’t here, there is just one place to look. Rishita indicates a hospital. Shiva says I’ll go check.

Dhara looks after Chiku. Rishita mocks her and requests that she leave some milk for her as well. Dhara informs me that there are two babies in the house. She walks away.

Suman requests that Rishita save some drama until tomorrow. Shiva arrives at the hospital. He claims it’s the last spot. He summons Raavi.

Raavi is in a sleep/semi-conscious condition when she speaks. He notices her and approaches her. She says, “Give me your phone; I’ll call Shiva and chastise him,” but he doesn’t show up. Shiva sobs and begs her to stand up.

Doctor says she crashed with something and fainted; perhaps she was afraid; she will be well in time; you can take her when she becomes alert, give her medications, and care for her. He expresses regret. She stands up. He inquires as to your well-being.

She scolds and strikes him. She claims that she waited for you but that you did not arrive. He adds, “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice the hotel name correctly and went to the incorrect spot. I was upset.

I didn’t cross check. You didn’t arrive there and I left in a rage. Hit me. ” She says she can only chastise you because you are her.

If he asks if I’m yours, you won’t leave, right? She gives a nod. I love you, he says. Shiva, she says she loves you as well.

He receives a phone call. He claims I have Raavi. He asks Raavi if she can walk. She gives a nod.

He invites her to join him. Raavi prepares breakfast for everyone in the morning. When Shiva and Raavi see one another, they both grin. Krish performs Muskurane ki Wajah.

. . Rishita chuckles. Krish is chastised by Shiva.

Raavi inquires about what occurred the day before. Raavi says, “I was going home when my wallet was stolen. I ran because the thief was coming after me, but I fell and passed out. I was taken to the hospital, and Shiva brought me home.

” Suman believes that if you travel more, such greedy individuals will come after you. Dhara claims it is not Raavi’s fault. Suman challenges them to grow in strength. Shiva praises Raavi for her bravery in saving her purse from the robber.

Dhara claims she was attacked, that she will need to travel a long distance for shooting, and that we should get a car for Raavi’s protection. Raavi inquires. She tells Dhara not to be concerned. Dhara claims that even if something were to happen, you would be secure.

Rishita exclaims, “Wow, Bhabhi, a vehicle will arrive for our social queen. ” Dhara continues, “See, Rishita loved my concept; she has no objections. ” She requests that Suman purchase a vehicle for her. Suman cracks jokes.

Rishita questions why Raavi should have a car all to himself. Dev gives her a glance. She says you may simply gaze at me since I’m not saying anything inappropriate. Gautam signs them in reference to Suman.

Dev claims that a vehicle is on its way for everyone. Rishita wonders why she can’t take a cab. Dhara replies, “Okay, but even cabs are dangerous; Gautam, Krish, or Shiva may drive and drop her off; it will be convenient for everyone. Yes, says Dev.

Suman wonders if your brother would give you the automobile and how you would receive the money. Dhara has stated that you will provide the funds. Suman claims that I will defeat you. Dhara replies, “Give Raavi a loan, and she will repay it.

” Rishita replies, “You don’t have such ideas for me; you know I want money for business; I only want 3. 5 lakhs, but a nice automobile costs 8-10 lakhs. ” Dhara says she spoke with Dev about your godown and says you may store the goods in my room till we meet later. This, according to Rishita, is not fair.

Suman says you talk so much that your jaw hurts. Everyone bursts out laughing. Rishita strikes Dev. Suman says, “You are all my children; I will give you all a loan, and then you will all vanish,” so I resolved not to lend money to anyone.

Dhara adds, “I have an idea,” and suggests that we create a contract outlining who took the money and when they would repay it with interest. Suman beams. Raavi claims that I don’t require an automobile. Rishita says no, you need it.

Safety comes first, business comes second, and Maa should give her the money. Suman says you’re confusing me; make your decision first. Rishita says, “Give me money for business. ” Raavi, on the other hand, replies, “Give her money for the automobile.” Suman says, OK, I’ll give it to you. Everyone is happy. Suman responds, “But it’ll be a contract, and you’ll all have to repay it with interest. ” Yes, Rishita says.

Done, says Dev. Suman estimates 3 lakh. Rishita estimates 3. 5 lakhs. Suman says ok, and Raavi gets 8 lakhs. Krish requests a loan from Suman as well. She orders him to beat it. He declines.

Shweta’s parents arrive to meet her. Shweta’s mother adds, “We’ve decided,” and Shweta will take care of Chiku. Shweta arrives and kidnaps Chiku. Chiku sobs. Dhara, too, weeps. Shweta’s mother adds, “Do us a favour; keep Shweta and Chiku here in your house for a few days, and when their bonding happens, I will take them home. ” Everyone is watching.