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Enjoy the written update for the original chapter of the agreeable telecast Pandya Store released on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on StarPlus. Dhara Takes a Decision is the moniker of the present day’s episode number S1 E505.


The Pandyas are astonished to hear about Shweta’s parents’ startling request. Later, after assigning Shweta the duty for Chiku, Dhara has a mental collapse.


Shweta’s mother asks the Pandyas to allow Shweta and Chikhu to stay at their home for a month so that they may form a relationship at the beginning of the episode. On Facebook Shweta’s mother requests that she spend a month with Chikhu in order to see whether or not she and I will get close. If she doesn’t comply, she says she’ll kick her out of the home. Chikhu continues to sob.

Shweta finds it difficult to comfort him. Dhara approaches Shweta and embraces her. Chikhu’s duties were agreed upon by Dhara and Shweta, surprising the Pandyas. Dhara’s choice makes the Pandyas pleased, and they are proud of her.

As Shweta is unable to control Chikhu’s weeping, she asks Dhara to do so. Suman declines, saying that if Chikhu wants to take on Shewata’s duty, she should adopt Shewata’s customs. Give Shweta Dhara’s room, Dhara tells Krish, and she spends a while sleeping in the hallway. Krish concurs.

Dhara departs, claiming that the chamber has to be prepared. Dhara enters the room and starts sobbing uncontrollably. Krish climbs the stairs. He detects moisture in the step handles and realises Dhara is sobbing.

Rishita appreciates Shweta’s choice. She suggests making an attempt to get along with Chikhu rather than kidnapping him. She mocks Shweta by suggesting that if she had recognised her duty sooner, they wouldn’t be in this predicament. Shweta’s parents assure her that in 10 days they will turn Shweta into a responsible mother.

The parents of Shweta thank Suman and go. When Shweta gets a call from a friend, she leaves the room to answer it. She claims to the Forum that Dhara flipped the script by handing her the child when Shr wanted to get rid of it. Packing the clothing is Dhara.

Krish regrets Dhara’s situation. There, Gautam shows up. It will take a few days, he tells Dhara. She receives his apology.

He was told by Dhara that she is powerful, she says. They see Chiku sobbing. Dhara instructs Gautam to show Chikhu how to be held in her arms. To help Shweta learn, Gautam advises Dhara to give over control of Chikhu to her.

Everyone knows it’s difficult for Dhara, but he insists she go through with it. Okay, Dhara nods. Chikhu is difficult for Shweta to give bottle milk to. Chikhu is holding Dhara’s cloth in Raavi’s hand.

Chikhu stopped weeping right away. Chikhu even recognises Dhara’s possessions, according to Ravai. When Krish notices this, he leaves the home. When Dev shows Rishita an online storefront, she smiles.

When she sees her stretch marks in the mirror, she becomes depressed. She uses the cream to conceal the markings. The next day, Rishita plans to go to the godown. Dev declines.

According to him, Suman and Dhara mentioned completing a rite before bringing the infant outside. Rishita sobs and wonders why Raavi can’t make her own decisions when she is subject to so many limitations. She claims that she won’t consent if Suman is asked. Dev agrees without informing Suman to take Rishita to the godown.

According to Dev, following the birth of Saachi, Rishita begins to lose self-control. Rishita claims that she shares the same sentiments. The incessant sobbing of Chikhu annoys Shweta. She wants to initially wow Suman and Dhara.

Dhara visits Chikhu’s floor to see how he is doing. Finding Suman, she Dhara claims she came to see whether Shweta was content in her room. Stopping Dhara is Suman. She acknowledges that it must be difficult for her to delegate Chikhu’s responsibilities to Shweta.

She requests that Dhara conceal her feelings for one more day and that Chikhu be given to Shweta when she departs. Suman is hugged by Dhara, and they both start crying.