Pandya Store 3rd Sep 2022 Written Update β€” Rishita Lashes Out at Dhara

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Enjoy the written update for the current sequence of the enthralling TV broadcast Pandya Store issued on Saturday, 3rd September 2022. Rishita Lashes Out at Dhara is the pseudonym of the present day’s episode number S1 E509.


Rishita’s accusation that Dhara cares more about Chiku than she does for Sachi causes Raavi and Shiva to lose their train of thought. Despite this, the majority of the Pandyas continue to support Dhara.


To taint the milk, Shweta puts lemon drops in the Chutki’s feeding bottle at the beginning of the episode. Dhara is unaware of this. Shweta is given a feeding bottle by Dhara, who requests that she give Chiku some food. Dhara feeds Chutki by using the spoiled milk bottle.

Shweta chuckles. Raavi, on the other hand, feels irritated when Shiva tries to kiss her when she drops the chaat inside the vehicle. Dhara is going to give Chutki the milk in this picture. Chutki and the feeding bottle are taken from Dhara by Rishita, who informs Dhara that she will give Chutki milk.

When she realises the milk has spoiled, she becomes enraged. By feeding Chutki spoiled milk, she accuses Dhara of attempting to murder her. The news shocks the Pandyas. When Dhara filled the bottle, she claimed that the milk wasn’t spoiled.

According to Shweta, if Chiku’s milk isn’t spoiled, how can Chutki’s milk be? Since Chiku is her favourite kid, Rishita claims that Dhara must have thoroughly cleaned Chiku’s bottle but not Chutki’s. Dhara claims she never made a distinction between them. Shiva and Raavi enter the home.

Dhara tells Rishita that although she loves Chiku, she cannot neglect Chutki’s health since he is a member of her family and her kid. Rishita claims that she had already done it, but the truth is that Dhara never embraced Chutki and never loved her more than Chiku did. She continues by saying that Dhara’s partiality bothers her more than Chiku’s remaining in the home. Dev strives to stop her.

Rishita yells that she is telling the truth when she claims that Dhara is fixated on Chiku. She claims that Dhara finds it difficult to accept the reality that Chiku cannot be her kid. She claims that if she had adopted Chiku, she might have handled Chutki worse. It’s enough, Gautam tells Rishita, and he won’t put up with any criticism of Dhara.

He claims that despite being a part of this family, Rishita is unable to recognise Dhara’s affection. He questions why a scenario has to be set up when the milk could have spoiled due to the hot weather. Ask Dev, Shiva, and Krish how Dhara’s love is unselfish, Gautam instructs Rishita. When Dhara married Gautam, Shiva and Dev claim that she raised the children as her own instead of sending them to the dormitory.

Krish claims she never made a distinction between them. Suman claims that Rishita, not Dhara, is the one who is biassed. She instructs Rishita and Dev to look for separate lodgings. Dev expresses regret to Suman for Rishita’s extreme response.

Suman claims that since they argue every day, she gets headaches. Rishita yells that not even her spouse can understand her. She says that she is at her wit’s end. The feeding bottle is broken by her.

She claims that they never considered what would have occurred if Chutki had consumed the spoiled milk. Shweta dramatises while sobbing. She declares that she is leaving the home since Chiku is causing problems there. Shweta is acting, according to Rishita, and won’t leave.

Rishita is asked to remain quiet by Dev. Dhara squelches Shweta. Dhara claims she won’t make her pay for her errors. She grabs Chiku and declares that as long as he is in this home, he is a Pandya.

According to Dhara, such problems are typical in families where there is love. Shweta says her parents never taught her this; Shweta praises Dhara for doing so. She requests that Dhara look after Chiku while she serves them supper. If they don’t regret believing Shweta, Rishita claims that she is being kind and that her name isn’t Rishita.

Shweta is considered the drama queen. She enters her bedroom. Suman believes Rishita has to be treated since she has a tendency to overreact ever since giving birth. Rishita apologises to Dev for her treatment of Dhara and admits that she is unsure about her situation.

According to Rishita, since Shweta moved into this home, everything has been going wrong. She claims she isn’t a decent girl. She claims that she can’t be as bad as she thinks. Shweta pokes her finger with a piece of shattered glass while yelling and feigning assistance with cleaning the feeding bottle.

Shweta is forced to sit while Dhara cleans it. Shweta chuckles. Shweta struggles through the night to soothe Chiku’s sobbing. Suman requests that Shweta give Dhara Chiku.

Although Shweta needs to learn, she admits that. Suman claims that everything takes time and that maybe she was being too tough with her. She claims that since Chiku and Dhara got along well, Shweta should take her time building a relationship with Chiku. She requests that Chiku be temporarily given to Dhara.

Shweta accepts. Chiku is led to her room by Dhara. Although Chiku also enjoys spending time with Dhara, he will realise that she is not acting selfishly as Shweta believes she is. Dev and Rishita are both asleep.

Chutki begins to sob. Rishita is asked to go to sleep while Dev soothes Chutki. Raavi brings breakfast to their room in the morning and feeds the man. She promises to bring lunch to the shop.

That she has time for him astounds Shiva. Raavi claims that since Shweta doesn’t know how to manage Chiku and Rishita is responsible for the job in the godown, Dhara has a lot of work to accomplish. She will thus assist Dhara and complete her duties at night. Shiva claims to like this trait in her.

Raavi then claims that she gave Rishita the automobile for use in her godown duties. Rishita suddenly yells at Raavi. Dhara, Shiva, and Raavi emerge. Rishita chooses to ride an autorickshaw after complaining that the automobile is filthy.

She claims she doesn’t want anyone’s assistance and takes Chutki away from Dhara. Raavi allegedly put the chart in the vehicle on purpose so she wouldn’t be able to use it, according to Rishita.