Pandya Store 5th September 2022 Written Update β€” Rishita’s Terrible Decision

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Check the written update for the freshly released installment of the consuming show Pandya Store produced on Monday, 5th September 2022. Rishita’s Terrible Decision is the designation of the funky episode number S1 E510.


Rishita taunts Dev, and Dhara provides the perfect response for her. As Rishita becomes more upset and makes a surprising choice, the Pandyas begin to feel uneasy.


Raavi accuses Raavi of dropping the chaat inside the vehicle on purpose so that she can’t use it as the episode opens. She drives off in a rickshaw. Raavi bemoans the way Raavi reacts to everything they do and suggests that Dev take Rishita to the doctor. She continues by claiming that Rishita is envious of her.

Shiva apologises to Dhara on Raavi’s behalf and claims that Raavi said it out of rage. With headphones on, Shweta is dancing. When Krish visits his room to get his headphones to listen to music, she poses as if she is reading a book. She questions Krish about his activities outside of listening to music since she has never seen him go to the shop.

Krish claims to be in class. She asks about his academic pursuits. She claims that she enjoyed their bike trip together since it helped to clear her head. Dev passes out at Rishita’s godown after a night of poor sleep due to taking care of the infant.

Dev is awakened by the interior designer, who informs him that the task was completed according to plan. He requests a single check, but Dev is unable to notice it. He then requests that Dev adhere to the same design that he has given him. When the shop calls to request a delivery of supplies, he departs.

Rishita arrives at the godown later. She chastises the interior decorator for using the design that she disapproved of. According to the designer, Dev informed them of this design. Rishita requests a modification.

According to the designer, the price will increase. Rishita asserts that she doesn’t give a damn and desires creative control over the design of her godown. After buying the veggies Shweta is returning to her home. She bemoans her present predicament.

She pulls over a car. Her clothing becomes trapped in the car. Krish aids her in getting rid of it. This is seen by Kanta and her daughter-in-law.

According to her daughter-in-law, Suman gave Chiku to Dhara for adoption in order to conceal the fact that she is Krish and Shweta’s kid from the public. According to Kanta, Suman would have degraded Krish in such a situation. Her daughter-in-law was certain that Suman would soon arrange for their covert marriage. Later, Gautam inquires about Suman at the Pandya residence.

The garden was taken by Kanta’s daughter-in-law, according to Dhara. Rishita arrived home about then. Dev is yelled at by the woman for using the incorrect godown design. She screams at Dev.

She claims DevΒ  is ruining her company since he is incapable of starting his own. Rishita is stopped by Dhara, who corrects her for acting inappropriately with Dev. She explains to Rishita how Dev is helping her create a company and care for the child. Chutki begins to sob.

Raavi receives the infant from Rishita. Rishita tells Dhara that it is between the husband and wife and requests that she not get involved. According to Rishita, Dhara wants to tell her she’s worthless. By disparaging Dev in front of the family, Rishita, according to Dhara, is demonstrating how worthless Dev is, and she won’t allow it.

She claims that only if she respected Dev would she earn his respect. Rishita yells that Dev already doesn’t care about her. Shweta considers adding more fuel to the flames. Dhara is backed by Shweta.

Dhara requests that Shweta not become involved in their family’s business. According to Rishita, Dhara made her seem worthless in front of Shweta. She claims that it’s okay if nobody gives a damn about her. She promises to put an end to this right away.

She locks her room while walking there fiercely. Pandyas asks Rishita to open the door. Rishita furiously throws anything she can find into the room. She smashes the glass.

Rishita remembers what Dhara said. She pulls out a rag. She makes an effort to secure it to the ceiling fan. Dhara observes this via a window on the side.

Dhara sobs as she rushes to the Pandyas. Dhara asks Gautam and Dev what happened. Rishita hears Dhara yell. As a result of their disbelief, the Pandya brothers smash the door.

When they discover Rishita attempting suicide, they are horrified. Rishita sobs as Dev holds her and claims that no one is concerned about her. Dev tells her that his family and he are concerned about her. Rishita sobs uncontrollably.

She apologises to Dhara and gives her a hug. She claims that even little issues set her off. Rishita receives an apology from Dhara for being reprimanded despite being aware of her depression. She promises not to repeat the action.

Chutki cries as Rishita cuddles him. Shweta claims to be familiar with a competent therapist who can handle this problem.