Pandya Store 7th September 2022 Written Update — Rishita Discovers Shweta’s Ruse

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Let us explore the written update for the just-out installment of the dreamy serial Pandya Store introduced on Wednesday, 7th September 2022. Rishita Discovers Shweta’s Ruse is the designation of the newly discovered episode number S1 E512.


Pandya Store 7 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E512
Title: Rishita Discovers Shweta’s Ruse
Summary Rishita is provoked into attacking Dhara by Shweta’s use of heated baby oil. Rishita, however, becomes aware of Shweta’s nefarious plan, and she resolves to teach her a lesson as a result.


The first thing that happens as the show begins is that the police come to Pandya’s home to arrest Raavi for perpetrating fraud in the amount of 110,000. Raavi’s tears had flowed. The rest of the family comes running out of the house after hearing Raavi’s cries. Raavi claims she explained to the investigator that she was not guilty and that she had been treated unfairly.

She claims that someone stole information from her account. When Raavi’s family checks his Instagram, the glamorous photographs he has posted take aback them. Rishita inquires as to the time at which she took such photographs. Raavi claims that her images were altered, and she and her friends were prepared to file a complaint about it with the local cyber cell.

Suman insists Dhara display the photograph. When Suman sees the picture, she is both astonished and enraged. Dhara explains to Suman that Raavi is not to blame since the picture in question is not hers and has been altered in some way. Raavi is asked to report to the inspector at the local police station.

Raavi and Shiva claim Raavi is unable to even get into an online account, and the bank account data that is shown in her online profile does not belong to her. The inspector nods in agreement and requests specifics so that he may investigate. He recommends they voice their complaints on Cyber Cell. During this time, Shweta may be seen working in the kitchen.

A phone call comes in from a close friend of hers. Her companion inquires as to whether or not she has a strategy to flee. According to Shweta, the Pandya females, and Rishita in particular, have an excessively high IQ. Her close buddy encourages her to stir up some trouble in the kitchen.

The concept appeals to Shweta. In this part of the conversation, Suman requests Raavi cease her activities on social media. Raavi has Dhara’s backing and Dhara questions why Raavi should give up on her job because of the error committed by another person. Raavi is still being reprimanded by Suman for the slander he committed against their family.

She forbids Raavi to produce any further videos in the future. In the kitchen, Shweta requests Dhara maintain the position of the dish with the oil. At that point, she will have Chiku’s wardrobe in her possession. Raavi’s mother tells Suman that Raavi shouldn’t be penalized for the error of another person since Raavi has made mistakes.

Right at that moment, Shweta arrives. She recommends Raavi establish a whole new account. Rishita claims that it won’t make a difference since the hacker might also compromise the new account. She thinks they need to find the hacker.

Rishita is going to fetch materials so that she may bath Saachi. Raavi was upset that her career would not be successful. Dhara informs Shweta that she has heated the oil, and she then gives Shweta the hot water. In the meantime, Shweta causes the oil to burn by heating it to an excessive temperature to provoke a disagreement between Dhara and Rishita.

Raavi hears Shiva’s cry and immediately heads to a nearby corner to respond to it. Shiva calls out to Raavi, asking her to leave the home via the back door. Raavi slips out of the home via the back door in a stealthy manner. Dhara uses her fingertips to feel the temperature of the water as she mixes in some cold water.

Rishita is the one who transports Saachi there. Chiku begins to weep as a direct result of Shweta’s deliberate application of an excessive amount of oil on him. Dhara snatches Chiku away from Shweta and reprimands her for using an excessive amount of oil on Chiku. Shweta begins her drama.

She claims that she is completely clueless about everything. Dhara advises her that she has to educate herself. When Rishita puts her hand in the oil, she is astounded to discover that it is blisteringly hot. She is going to yell at Dhara, but then she stops herself and remembers that Dhara is monitoring the temperature of the water.

She doesn’t buy the explanation that Dhara let the oil get too hot without testing it beforehand. She concludes that something is off. Shweta is perplexed as to why Rishita has not responded as of yet. Rishita gives Shweta the evil eye.

She can recollect all that has happened recently and comprehend Shweta’s devious plan. She takes a solemn oath to reveal the truth about Shweta. Shweta doesn’t understand why Rishita isn’t making a big deal out of anything. Rishita has said that she is interested in scheduling an appointment with the therapist that Shweta mentioned.

She inquires Shweta about the counselor’s contact information. Shweta claims that the message was found on her previous phone. Dhara claims that she has a therapist’s contact information. She was overjoyed that Rishita would be attending the counseling session she suggested.

Rishita receives reassurance from Dhara that the latter will not steal her daughter away from her. She assures us that the group as a whole will meet both Chutki’s and her mother’s needs. Dhara agrees with Suman. Rishita has strong feelings, including joy, upon hearing this.

Shweta inquires of Dhara whether or not she will also care for and instruct Chiku. Rishita is under the impression that Shweta is using Dhara’s feelings for Chiku for her gain. She concludes that the best way to teach Shweta a lesson is to prevent her plan from becoming successful.