Pandya Store 8th September 2022 Written Update β€” Rishita Plans to Expose Shweta

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Get to know the written update for the modern sequence of the refreshing TV series Pandya Store telecasted on Thursday, 8th September 2022. Rishita Plans to Expose Shweta is the subtitle of the original episode number S1 E513.


Pandya Store 8 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E513
Title: Rishita Plans to Expose Shweta
Summary Rishita intends to set up a surveillance camera in the Pandya home so that she may monitor Shweta and track her whereabouts. Aside from that, Raavi is keeping her fingers crossed that she can track down the person who hacked her social media account.


At the show’s beginning, Shweta asks Dhara: “Will you teach me how to take care of Chiku? ” Rishita entertains the idea of giving Shweta a lesson to gain an edge by using Dhara’s feelings for Chiku. Dhara gives Shweta permission to learn from her, urges her to concentrate only on Chiku, and then reminds her that she needs to go and take Chiku with her. Shweta gladly accepts Dhara’s offer to educate her.

Dhara responds that she has received the truth that Chiku is Shweta’s kid when Shweta asks whether she would be able to remove herself from Chiku. Shweta then asks Dhara if she will be able to detach herself from Chiku. Suman beseeches God to provide courage and resilience to Dhara. On the other side, Raavi, Shiva, and Krish go to see Arnav, a buddy of Krish and the boss of Sudhesh.

He gives Raavi his introduction. He claims to be a huge admirer of hers. He provides both Shiva and Raavi his word that he will quickly find whoever hacked into her account. Rishita has a session with a psychotherapist who recommends that she practice yoga and meditation to maintain mental peace and purge her mind of negative thoughts.

She advises installing cameras in order to keep an eye on her kid while she is away. Rishita is of the opinion that repairing the CCTV system is the most effective way to monitor Shweta’s whereabouts. Arnav claims that he was able to trace the hacker’s IP address, which enables them to quickly locate the equipment that the hacker used. Raavi expresses her gratitude to Arnav and then requests that he instruct her on how to trace IP addresses.

Arnav agrees. When Rishita got back to her house, she told Dhara and Suman about her time working as a counselor. She claims that the therapist advised installing CCTV cameras to watch the kid, which may assist in minimise the amount of stress that she is under. Dhara concludes that this is the most viable option.

Suman agrees. Rishita believes that it is ideal for the kid’s safety since it allows her to watch the youngster even when she is sitting in the hallway thanks to an app that she has downloaded on her phone. Dhara is also interested in downloading that software into her mobile device. Shweta does not want any surveillance cameras installed in her room at all.

Rishita suggests installing surveillance cameras in Shweta’s room in order to keep an eye on her. Arnav reveals to Raavi that her account password was recently changed by a hacker, and that as a result, they would need some time to regain access to her account. He walks her through the steps and explains everything. Because they are running behind schedule, Raavi urges Shiva and Krish to leave the house immediately.

Raavi reassures Shiva that she will be successful in her endeavours. Suman claims that Pandya’s home is her house, and that she would determine where the cameras are placed since it is her house. Rishita claims that if cameras are installed in Chiku’s room, even Sweta would be able to keep an eye on her. She reminds Shweta that she has to be trained to take care of Chiku in ten days, after which she should return to her home.

Shweta is concerned that Rishita would foil the scheme she has devised. Suman gives Shweta the piece of advice that she should concentrate on Chiku rather than the camera and that she should quit taking Chiku to Dhara for everything. Rishita inquires about the cause of Shweta’s melancholy and whether or not she has any issues moving back home with her parents. Shweta asserts that this is not the case and claims she has become devoted to the Pandyas.

Rishita has said that she would not be going too far and that she will be able to see them anytime she wants. Suman is suddenly aware that the next day is her birthday and she will be sixty years old. When Suman discovers Dhara has forgotten her birthday, she feels frustrated and let down. Shweta is now sobbing alone in her room.

The phone rings, and it’s a friend of hers. Shweta requests that she provide a way for her to regain her independence. Her companion nods in agreement and suggests to Shweta that she take some time to consider the matter. Dhara counts down the days until the ninth, which is the day Chiku will leave home.

She sobs uncontrollably at this point. She has a conversation with herself in which she advises herself to emotionally distance herself from Chiku. This is something that Krish sees. Dhara receives a comforting embrace from Krish.

Rishita is demonstrating the footage captured by the CCTV camera on her phone. Suman confronts Rishita with whether or not she can remember whose birthday it is the next day and becomes frustrated when Rishita also cannot recall her own birthday. During this time, Raavi arrives at his residence and enters the dwelling through the rear yard. Suman is able to see this by using the CCTV camera that is installed in the garden.