Pandya Store 14th Sep Written Update β€” Shweta’s Cunning Tactics

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During the time when the Pandyas are worrying about Chiku being taken, the police are taking blood samples. In the meanwhile, Shweta concocts an elaborate lie in order to get out of providing a blood sample.


Let us explore the written update for the today’s chapter of the dreamy telecast Pandya Store ventilated on Wednesday, 14th September 2022. Shweta’s Cunning Tactics is the headline of the up-to-the-minute episode number S1 E518.


At the beginning of the episode, Arnab argues with the inspector that it couldn’t possibly be the work of the hacker because he hasn’t been able to apprehend him yet. Someone else did it. On the other hand, Shweta’s friend is able to get through the police checkpoint by making up a story that she is bringing the baby home from the doctor after she has had an examination. At this point, Pandya and the visitor come to their senses. Rishita steals Chutki from Raavi.

Shweta gets nervous knowing everyone’s blood sample has been obtained. Rishita inquires as to what transpired. Raavi claims that when she discovered them, all of them were sleeping when she did so. Rishita inquires as to whether or not she was lucid at the time. Raavi says no.

Dhara inquires as to the whereabouts of Chiku. Everyone is searching for Chiku. Shweta is ready to have a blood sample taken from her by a nurse. She is pushed by Shweta. She then begins to be dramatic by asking Raavi where Chiku is while also making a scene.

According to Raavi, Chiku was nowhere to be seen when she first came. Shweta is informed by the inspector that they are conducting a search for Chiku. He requests that Shweta provide a sample of her blood. Under the guise of searching for Chiku all by herself, Shweta makes an attempt to flee the scene. The police detained her.

Rishita begins to have suspicions about Shweta’s behaviour. Dhara is angry with Raavi and yells at him for not searching the whole house for Chiku. She decides to check it out. The inspector wants to know what everyone in the family ate but Raavi. That caused everyone to feel dizzy except Raavi.

Raavi claims that she refrained from eating any of the cake. Suman inquires as to the reason why she did not consume any of her delicious 60th birthday cake. According to Raavi, she went to Arnab’s place to meet him. Suman inquires about the identity of Arnab. Shiva has convinced himself that he is the assistant of Subhash, the cool drink man.

Shiva gives Arnab the signal to go. He obliges. Raavi inquires of Raavi whether or not she has mentioned to Arnab that she has a kid. Rishita’s viewpoint is shared by Dev as well. At exactly that moment, the inspector reports that the doctor just called and claimed that the medication was hidden in the frosting of the cake.

Dhara and Krish have completed an exhaustive investigation of the property, and they have determined that Chiku is not there. Dev informs the inspector that they installed CCTV cameras around the whole property and then asks the inspector whether or not the police inspected the cameras. According to the inspector, the cameras were turned off, which is why they were unable to locate any film. Shweta has a recollection of turning off the CCTV cameras. The investigator inquires as to who purchased the cake.

Krish claims that he purchased the cake from a bakery owned by a friend of his. Both he and Shweta contributed to the cake’s decoration. Shweta requests that the inspector search for Chiku rather than continue inquiring about the cake. Dhara has said that she would search for Chiku on her own. Gautam stops Dhara.

Dhara receives reassurance from the inspector that they will locate Chiku. They requested access to video from all of the city’s surveillance cameras. But Dhara still sets off on her mission to locate Chiku, and she is soon joined by Gautam, Krish, and Shweta. Dhara hands Prakash a photograph of Chiku and inquires about his whereabouts. Someone abducted him.

It is there that Gautam, Krish, and Shweta go. Prakash reports that he witnessed a lady abducting Chiku. Shweta has an irrational fear of being discovered. She acts as though she’s about to pass out. Both Krish and Gautam had their hands on her.

Gautam asks Prakash to provide whatever information he has to the authorities. Prakash claims that he does not want to get engaged in a legal proceeding with the police. As Shweta’s health continues to deteriorate, Gautam and Krish are successful in persuading Dhara to come back home. In another place, Shweta’s buddy is now hanging out with Chiku. She believes that the police didn’t capture her because the officer who was on duty has since been relieved of her duties.

Chiku cries. She makes an effort to talk sense into him. Dhara sneaks out of the home in spite of Rishita and Raavi’s best efforts to prevent her from going to see Chiku. Both Gautam and Krish are searching for Chiku at this time. Additionally, Dhara is looking for Chiku.

On the other hand, Chiku gets her nourishment from milk thanks to Shweta’s acquaintance. If she is unable to leave the house, she is concerned about what she will give Chiku to eat. She calls Shweta to inform her about the situation at the same time. Rishita asks Shweta about the identity of the person who has contacted her so late at night. According to Shweta, there have been some marketing calls.

Rishita alleges that Shweta did not provide a blood sample when the doctor arrived at the hospital. Shweta claims that she had a panic attack. Rishita has indicated that she will make a call to the physician. Shweta’s response is one of rage. Raavi urges Rishita to let things go.

Right at that moment, Gautam and Krish arrived back at their house. Rishita and Raavi are informed by Gautam that a drawing of the kidnapper has been created with the assistance of Prakash and that the police are using this sketch as a tool in their investigation. Shweta starts to worry that she might be found out, so she tells her friend.