Pandya Store 15th Sep Written Update β€” Dhara Is Distraught

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Dhara is unable to find consolation when Chiku is taken, and as a result, she falls ill. As a result of Chiku’s illness, Forum is in a difficult situation, but Rishita has a suggestion.


Get to read the written update for the newly published installment of the absorbing TV series Pandya Store delivered on Thursday, 15th September 2022. Dhara Is Distraught is the label of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E519.


The first thing that happens in this episode is that Gautam inquires about Dhara and Suman’s whereabouts. According to Raavi, Suman is now occupying her room, while Dhara has gone in search of Chiku. Both Gautam and Krish set off in search of Dhara. In the meanwhile, Dhara is trying to locate Chiku by displaying a picture of him to the people that walk by. Her feet are harmed as a result of her habit of wandering about barefoot, which makes it very difficult for her to walk.

Dhara is in a precarious situation when Gautam and Krish locate her. Dhara sobs and insists that she will not go back home. Dhara is dragged to the home without her will by Gautam, who scoops her up and carries her there. Rishita attempts to persuade the women of Pandya to drink juice since they haven’t consumed anything since the day before. The Pandyas haven’t eaten anything.

But they won’t budge. Dhara’s insatiable need to see Chiku drives her to inconsolable agitation. On the other side, Forum is having a difficult time calming down Chiku, who is weeping, and she is unable to get in touch with Shweta since her phone is turned off. In this room, Shweta sneaks bites of dried fruit. She is concerned that Forum may get anxious once they learn about her drawing.

There, Forum looks out the window and sees the police officers sketching her profile from the side. At this point, Krish notices that Shweta is sneakily eating dry fruits despite the fact that Dhara is inconsolable. He had a confrontation with Shweta. The latter creates a very dramatic effect. She claims that eating is the only way for her to take the medication for her panic attacks.

Krish will be leaving. Shweta is of the opinion that she has to be more vigilant. The agreement that Forum made to assist Shweta was a mistake. She makes the decision to return with Chiku to the Pandya home, therefore exposing Shweta. Exactly at that moment, Shweta called Forum.

Forum expresses her frustration with Shweta, whom she blames for the fact that she did not answer her phone when the police were posting her drawings across the city. Shweta makes an effort to persuade Forum that Chiku should not be spending time with her since it is not in his best interest. After touching the infant, Forum is stunned to see that Chiku is running a high temperature. At this point, Shweta’s call gets cut off because of a problem with the network. She makes many attempts to contact her.

Rishita comes just at that moment there. Shweta is curious as to whether or not Rishita heard her conversation with Rishita, and Rishita is perplexed as to why she is here. The Pandyas are attempting to get Dhara to consume some food. But Dhara is adamant and starts crying because she is desperate to meet Chiku. Suman inquires about the current developments in the inquiry being conducted by the police.

According to Gautam, the police are conducting their investigation with the aid of a drawing of the kidnappers. There was a guard who entered the chamber of the Forum carrying the drawing. He is reprimanded by the Forum, and then he is kicked out. In this scene, Raavi is worried about Dhara’s well-being. Dhara has said that she will be okay if Chiku is back to normal.

In addition to assuring her that Chiku will be located, Krish requests that she eat something. When Shweta discovers that Forum’s phone is unreachable, she stops sending him texts. Dhara makes a plea to Raavi, asking her to make an appeal to the people who follow her on social media to assist them in finding Chiku. According to Raavi, the hacker who attempted to enter her account changed her login password, and as a result, she is unable to access her account. She extends her apologies to Dhara for the fact that she is unable to assist her.

Suman feels guilty that she did not give Raavi permission to go retrieve her account the other day and apologises to her for her behaviour in this regard. Shweta has a grateful attitude about the fact that Raavi’s account was compromised. Raavi claims that despite Suman’s displeasure, she went ahead and attempted to retrieve her account. She had just gotten back from there when she was busted entering the home through the rear while in the act of committing the crime. Rishita inquires of Raavi on the posting of the video.

According to Raavi, it would take between 10 and 15 days to retrieve her account. She lets it slip that she had assistance from Arnab. Suman is upset since Shiva lied to cover up what happened with Raavi. Rishita advises that the video that Raavi took be uploaded to her account. Shweta is against this idea.

She claims that Rishita does not have a large number of followers, which means that the video will not have a large amount of reach. Rishita reprimands Shweta for preventing her from continuing, and she tells Shweta that they are acting in this manner in order to protect Rishita’s kid. In the video that Raavi posts to his fans, he asks them to go through the accounts of everyone in his family, including Shweta, in order to locate Chiku. She calls Arnab and tells him the same thing over the phone. She begs him for his assistance in expanding the audience for those films.

Arnab nods his head in agreement and gives her his word that he would direct his employees to post a picture of Chiku on all of their social media sites. Chiku’s health is deteriorating, and the battery on her phone is dead, which has Forum worried. When this happens, Dhara becomes ill, and Krish tries to obtain help for her. When Krish doesn’t return right after after seeing a doctor, Gautam starts to become concerned.