Parineeti 13th September 2022 Written Update β€” Parineet asseverates all links to Rajeev

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Parineet shares with Taiji that she has reached a decision and will let him know what it is very soon. Taiji requests that she forgive Rajeev so that everything may be put back in order between the two of them. Will Parineet grant Taiji’s request and forgive Rajeev for his transgression?


Explore the written update for the up-to-date chapter of the sweet TV broadcast Parineeti delivered on Tuesday, 13th September 2022. Parineet severates all links to Rajeev is the label of the groovy episode number E177.


Gurinder tells Parineet at the beginning of the episode that sometimes, even their shadows will leave them. She learns from Parineet that she has more faith in Neeti than herself. Any circumstance won’t cause her to betray her. They have been childhood best pals.

Gurinder asks her, “What are you going to do now? ” She will keep her up to date on anything that occurs today. Neeti makes every effort to leave the hospital undetected in the meanwhile. When the nurse saw her, she informed her that she was not permitted to go.

Neeti tells her that she shouldn’t be able to let her go without releasing her. The doctor will reprimand her if she doesn’t let him know about this. She learns from Neeti that her closest buddy is having some issues. She wanted to speak with her pal.

From there, the nurse departs to notify the doctor. Neeti insists on seeing Parineet because she feels like she needs her assistance. Parineet reveals to Gurinder afterward that she would make choices for herself in the hereafter. Gurinder tells her that she separates Rajeev and Neeti.

Three of their fates will be determined by her choice. She may thus decide after giving it some thought. She requests that she stay with Rajeev. She shouldn’t assume that Gurinder is attempting to preserve her family, Gurinder continues.

She knows how much Parineet adores Rajeev. She cared for him. She created this anniversary bouquet with his delight in mind. They won’t interfere with her life, she will ensure.

She conveyed their regrets to Parineet. She is instructed to quit apologizing to Parineet. She’s her mother. She shouldn’t beg her for forgiveness.

Parineet informs her that she will announce her choice in front of everyone as she has already made up her mind. Gurinder promises her that she will be by her side and be an ally. Neeti collides with Monty as Gurinder urges her to share her choice with her. What is she doing here?

He asks her. He is asked about Sanju by her. He believes that to rescue Rajeev, he wants to tell a falsehood. He lets her know that his mother has arrived home.

He is staying at home as a result. She probes him. He said his granny was coming, didn’t he? He is lying to her when he says they are both mothers.

She expresses to him her desire to meet her buddy. Neeti feels lightheaded. She tells herself that she shouldn’t have stopped in this manner. She has done a lot for Parineet so that she can assist her.

Parineet later queries Gurinder about her choice, given her predicament. She will pardon her husband if he wants to continue in the marriage. She would accept him if he agreed to remain with her. Since Neeti is her half-sister, Parineet admits that she wouldn’t have felt that way otherwise.

Why would she turn on her? She doesn’t tell her we may forgo their happiness to protect our loved ones. However, why should she live a lie-filled life? She invites her to accompany her.

She will publicly reveal her choice. When Neeti left, the doctor spotted her. She had just undergone significant surgery, so she dissuaded her from going. She should relax.

Neeti is determined to meet Parineet. She passes out there. She is returned to the ward by the doctor. Gurinder informed her spouse that she would be attending in the interim.

According to Rajeev’s mother, it seems that she has chosen to live with Rajeev, abandoning Neeti. Rajeev believes she could realize it’s difficult to prevail against him. Without him, she wouldn’t be able to survive. She looks stylish as a result.

Simi believes Parineet is returning to produce another drama, but she has no interest in it. Chandrika asks God to reconcile all of their differences. She wants to choose wisely. When Parineet sees her wedding picture, she begins to cry.

She gives Rajeev there a stare. He questions her. Is she feeling happier now that she’s let her rage at him out? Parineet informs him that she has nothing left to show him.

Even worse, he doesn’t deserve her rage. He is devoted to another person. Rajeev believes she is restarting it. When a girl visits Parineet’s in-home, the law she shares with her mother-in-law.

A mother-in-law may speak to her daughter-in-law as if she were her own. But what harm has she caused her? She turned on her. They dared not give her any thought.

She made a choice based on how much it would influence her. She tells Chandrika that she has requested that she go to her room. She, however, refused to go back there. She no longer has a connection with him.

So how is she going to preserve it? She had already chosen a course of action. She will not remain in this home. In front of holy fire, he wed her.

She wasn’t treated as his wife, however. To end her romance with him, she doused the flames with water. Gurinder’s spouse counsels him against making hasty judgments. He gave her advice.

He received an apology from her for not listening to him. He gave her a spiritual blessing. Rajeev and Parineet part ways completely. Simi believes Parineet exposed a different side of her to everyone.

Parineet leaves the area. The mother of Rajeev speculates that she could intervene to stop her. Gurinder strikes her in the face. She had previously assured her that she would support all of her choices.

She is not deserving of this fictitious connection. Parineet emerges with her suitcase.