Parineeti 20th Sep Written Update β€” Rajeev to locate Parineet

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Parineet is left in a state of depression after learning the truth about Rajeev, and as a result, she makes the decision to take her own life. In the meanwhile, Rajeev seeks for Parineet out of a sense of responsibility for shattering Parineet’s heart. Will Rajeev be successful in locating Parineet before it is too late to save her?


Get to read the written update for the newest sequence of the interesting show Parineeti released on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. Rajeev to locate Parineet is the moniker of the up-to-date episode number E182.


At the beginning of the episode, Parineet tells Rajeev that she is going to pass away. She comes to the conclusion that she was only imagining him being close by. It would be best if she avoided getting his thighs again. She has no desire to continue living.

Neeti finally opens her eyes after her terrifying dream. The nurse questioned her and asked what had occurred to her. It has been brought to her attention by Neeti that something is not right. She is eager to get in touch with Parineet right now.

She makes many attempts to contact her, but she is unable to reach her via phone. Neeti confides in Neeti her concern about the future. She learns from the nurse that Parineet had come to see her, but she was asleep because of the influence of the drug. That is the reason why she decided to go from there.

Neeti has a sneaking suspicion that something is amiss. She won’t leave the house until she’s had a chance to talk to her. In the meanwhile, Tai ji is eager on scheduling a meeting with Parineet. Chandrika reveals to her that Rajeev has been looking for Parineet since he left the house.

Tai ji offers up a prayer for Parineet, but the light is knocked over by the wind. She is worried that something bad could happen to her. Rajeev is under the impression that he has already provided Parineet with all of the facts. Because he loved his mother, he gave in and consented to marry her.

Why did he fail to realise that the truth will one day be out in the open for everyone to see? He should have known better than to engage in this foolish activity with the two of them. He was hopelessly over over heels in love with Neeti. Because of this, he was able to destroy Parineet’s feelings.

He doesn’t pay any attention to how she’s feeling at all. He was brought back to the manner in which Parineet had questioned him. Why does he feel the urge to marry Neeti if he already loves her so much? It is Rajeev’s opinion that she is in the right.

He is to blame for this. During this time, Neeti gives Rajeev a call to speak to him. He assures her that they will have a conversation at a later time when he is in a better frame of mind. Neeti requests that he speak to her, claiming that she is lonely and needs company.

The very thought of Parineet is causing her a great deal of anxiety. Rajeev questions her. Didn’t Parineet come to meet her? He learns something from Neeti that she was previously unaware of.

Rajeev assures her that they will have a conversation at a later time. Neeti goes up to him and begs him to give her a hug. Rajeev tells her to quit acting like a kid before hanging up the phone on her. Neeti has the impression that he is not there for her when she really needs his attention.

Rajeev is under the impression that he avoided Parineet in order to protect Neeti. For the time being, he is avoiding Neeti out of respect for Parineet. He calls out to Parineet, pleading with her to return to them. In later chapters, Tai ji becomes concerned about Parineet.

She is concerned about how Parineet will remain outdoors while this storm continues. Her husband doubts may be Rajeev went near Neeti. Tai ji has given instructions for Chandrika to get in touch with Neeti and ask her about it. Monty advises that they look for her in the surrounding environment.

They are ridiculed by Simi for their concern for Parineet. She continues by saying that Parineet is a bit of a drama queen. She is attempting to catch their attention by causing a scene with them. She continues by saying that Parineet altered what Tai ji had fashioned her into.

Tai ji hits Simi in fury. She threatens to evict her from the home in the same manner that she did to Rajeev, so she advises her to leave quickly. After launching an attack on her, she walks away. Neeti is fighting with Nurse about why she should not be sent away.

She gives her a shove to the ground and then gets up to go meet Parineet outside. The nurse intervenes and administers shots to her in order to bring her under control. Neeti lets them know that she is interested in seeing Parineet and that it is essential for them to do so. Neeti loses consciousness as a side effect of the drug.

After some time has passed, Rajeev arrives to the temple looking for Parineet. Rajeev cries out to god, begging him to return Parineet to him. He questioned Priest about Parineet’s whereabouts. Rajeev receives the phone back from him, and he informs him that she forgot to bring it with her.

She did not stop or turn around to get her cell device at any point. She was in a great deal of discomfort and walked away from the scene. Rajeev was hesitant to bring up the fact that he was Parineet’s spouse. Rajeev is under the impression that he would be able to fix things, but she wants to return.

Because of his actions, he has a sense of guilt. He is concerned that Parineet may make a choice that he will later regret. When Tai Ji reaches that location, he asks the person there about her. Rajeev is the one who breaks the news to her.

As punishment for betraying Parineet, Tai ji strikes out at him. He was the one who shattered Parineet’s heart. Her spouse left there. They get in their car and go to the police station.

A representative from the hospital calls Rajeev on his cell phone. He is informed by the nurse that Neeti is having a panic attack right now. She tells him that she wants to see Parineet, and then she begs him to bring her there. They were reassured by Rajeev.

Everyone goes to the police station to ask for the officers’ assistance in locating Parineet. Rajeev provides the police with sufficient information about the incident.