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Enjoy the written update for the freshly released scene of the brilliant television broadcast Pishachini brought on Monday, 08 August 2022 on Colors TV. Pishachini aka Rani wreaks havoc is the pseudonym of the most recent episode number E1.


With her wicked abilities, Pishachini, aka Rani, aims to cause havoc in the community. The Rajput family, on the other hand, intends to capture Rani in the sacred box in order to safeguard the locals from her evil energies. Will the Rajputs be successful?


Pooja is performed in a temple in the Himalayas. The mantra is spoken aloud by Pandit Ji. A guy approaches and says, “This is the foundation of our house. ” There is also a family present.

Pandit Ji examines the brick. He inserts it inside the temple. He applies sindur to it. The brick melts and darkens.

Everyone is terrified. The brick turns to smoke, and a black cloud surrounds the area. According to Pandit Ji, the land you are settling on is cursed by a witch. A guard is sleeping in an ancient home.

He overhears a woman sobbing. Who is it, he asks? A girl appears. Her face is obscured.

What are you doing here, the guy inquires? Did you lose your way? She agrees. He adds, “Daughter, remain here.

I’ll take you home tomorrow. ” She claims I am terrified. He claims that I am the sole defender of this location. Don’t be afraid.

There is a rumor that a witch lives here. People create narratives. I’m not afraid. They believe she has the appearance of a fairy.

Her eyes are a vibrant green. The girl removes her scarf and her eyes become green. He claims her nails and hair are really long. Did she say something like this?

He returns his gaze. He yells. The witch chuckles. He trips and falls.

He says the same thing to me. With her hair, the witch suffocates him. She chuckles and introduces herself as Pishachini. Pandit Ji identifies her as Pishachini.

When a person commits too many sins during their human existence, they are born as a Pishachini. The family wonders why she wants our land. Pandit Ji claims she may have governed it in her previous life. They claim we spent every dime on the land to build a home for our family.

We’ll be on the road soon. Tonight is the full moon, according to Pandit ji. We can try to control her and imprison her indefinitely. If God is kind to us, Pishachini begs him to let him go.

He is thrown to the ground by her. He shouts and begs to be let loose. I am a decent person. She claims that being good is an illness.

She murders him and claims to be Rani. Pandit Ji appears and orders Pisachini to stop. She has the support of all the pandits. She attacks them, but their lockets rescue them.

Pandit Ji begins reciting his mantra. Pishachini’s head is throbbing. He gets smoked. Pandit Ji pursues her.

She flies through the air. The entire community runs after her with flames. She trips and falls. They hurl fireballs at her.

Pisachini attempts to flee. They encircle her on all sides. Pisachini climbs a tree. She says, “Come here, come to me.

She chuckles. They can hardly see her at all. The mantra is spoken aloud by Pandit Ji. She chuckles.

Smoke forms a ring around her. It bothers her. She becomes entangled in it. Pishachini yells.

They encase her in wood, containing all of her abilities. They stored it in a trunk. It is buried. This is my territory, according to Pishachini.

I shall return. I will not abandon any of you. She yells. They bury the box and surround it with flames.

Pandit Ji applies sindur to her. Pandit Ji stated that whoever pulls it out will also be able to liberate her abilities. She can bribe them with anything. Such folks are permanently enslaved.

They are transformed into live dead bodies. Never take her bribes. This trunk should always be kept locked. They covered it with sand.

The new family settles into their new home. Babu Ji asks Subhakar and Babi whether they are late. Did you receive what we requested? Babi claims she was quite busy.

Subhakar claims that her family was not on board. Chambeli, according to Babi, Babu Ji claims he requested the chambeli flower. Pratik, according to his eldest son, is bringing the items. Rocky sobs, “My toy fell down.

” His mother shouts. They take a peek at the trench. The trunk is missing. They yell.

Who did it, according to Pandit Ji? Rocky’s mother claims that Pratik and Amrita have left. Pratik and Amrita have arrived. Pratik says I’m terrified.

They’ve got the trunk. Don’t be afraid, she says. We did it for our children’s sake. This Pishachini promised us a lot of money.

But Pandit Ji stated otherwise. Don’t be afraid, she says. According to Pandit Ji, we shall face the repercussions. Nobody is safe from Pishachini.

She’ll return one way or another. What should we do, asks Babu Ji? He claims that all we can do is pray. Pandit Ji departs.

He claims that we don’t have time. We must confront her dark abilities. I must be present for my family. There is no longer any hope.

He walks away. Everyone is terrified. A few years later, a young man rides his big bike into college. Everyone is staring at him.

Rocky’s new bike, a man says. He’s quite fortunate. According to his pals, you are number one. He claims it’s been there for two months.

The new model will be delivered to me tomorrow. Rocky hands this one off to a pal. They gave him $25,000. 00.

Rocky hands over the keys. They came to look at a tiny toy bike. Rocky is said to have duped us. Rocky donates the money to another man who needs it for his grandmother’s treatment.

He thanks you, brother. Rocky claims that if he had known he wouldn’t be repaying your money, he would have done it sooner. Rocky returns home. He claims no one saw anything.

Babu Ji claims that in 20 years, he has never asked how we are, and he believes I would leave now if he called. He is self-centered. His oldest son believes your rage is reasonable. However, Pratik urged us to attend his daughter’s wedding.

He was terrified of you. Rocky is perplexed as to what they are discussing. Babu Ji says I can’t decide whether or not to go there. They all try to persuade him to forgive Pratik and reconcile the family.

Babu Ji claims that 20 years of agony cannot be erased in a single day. In the woods, Pishachini flies. She says you must come, Babu. I’ll see what gets in your way. She chuckles. In the temple, a girl does pooja.