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Enjoy the written update for the newly released episode of the seductive television broadcast Pishachini reported on Friday, 19 August 2022 on Colors TV. Pavitra notices an odd shadow is the designation of the most modern episode number E10.



The episode begins with the Rajputs’ arrival home. The stretcher is being pushed inside the home by the ward guys. Rocky tells Dadaji that he will arrive shortly so that they may race. Shikha is worried and glances at Pishachini’s trunk. She remembers AFB.

Rocky, Dadaji, and the cousins are enjoying a game of cricket. Rocky strikes the ball on the other side of the house. Vidya sprints to get the ball. Dadaji chastises Vidya for choosing that path. He claims that going to that side is forbidden.

Rocky and Shikha wonder why. Dadaji claims that Pishachini was leaving before they arrived and that he met her for the first time there. He goes on to add that the priest told him that she would keep attempting to come here. Rocky claims that if she can come there, she can also come inside. Dadaji says she can’t enter the house until someone invites her.

Vidya cracks a joke. Dadaji chastises her. He claims she can do anything to get inside the house. She warns them not to go to that side. Facebook is shutting down.

Shikha believes she committed a wrong by bringing Pishachini here, but she would not allow Pishachini to enter the house. Pratik and Amrita are in their natural habitat. Pratik is missing one leg, and Amrita seems to be an elderly woman. Pavitra enters their chamber to bid them farewell. Pratik waves her goodbye without opening the door to his room.

Pavitra is perplexed by his strange actions. Despite Pishachini’s departure, Pratik and Amrita regret their situation, which can never be rectified. They won’t reveal who the latest unlucky person Pishachini used her pawn to reach is. Barely. Shikha enters the forbidden zone to conceal Pishachini’s trunk.

Rocky is escorted away by the doctor. He inquires about Dadaji’s health with the doctor. The doctor advises never leaving Dadaji alone. Shikha runs away when she sees Rocky. Rocky notices the shadow and walks to the other side.

The doctor walks away from Rocky with his luggage. Rocky returns to the home, believing it to be a delusion. Shikha reminds Pishachini about her commitment and requests that she keep it. She claims she will never bring Pishachini into the house. She runs into the home, placing the trunk beside the tree.

Pishachini laughs as she says Shikha would take her inside the home. Pishachini is relieved to be returning to her home after 20 years. She swears vengeance on the Rajputs for keeping her away from her home and intends to employ Rocky to do it. She rouses a dormant frog statue. The frog statue comes to life.

She chuckles as she requests that it be ready for action. The family attempts to figure out what happened to Dadaji. Sachin claims that Dadaji was bothered about something. Sudhakar claims that there was nothing there, and Pratik is correct. Pishachini was not present, but Dadaji became concerned for no apparent reason.

According to Rocky, Pavitra was seeking a trunk. They haven’t seen Pishachini, according to Sudhakar. Rocky claims that Dadaji has gone someplace. He inquires about Dadaji as to where he went and what happened to him. He inquires whether you faced Pishachini.

Sudhakar orders Rocky to cease talking about Chail or Pishachini to Dadaji in the future. On the other hand, Pavitra is in the car with a couple. Pavitra claims she has to go to Bareli since her family lives there and she wants to learn the truth there, but Rocky is already there. He claims to have been completely tortured. Meanwhile, Sanchini and Vidya are making fun of Rocky with Pavitra.

Pavitra is disparaging Rocky, while Rocky is extolling Pavitra. When they arrive at the airport, she thanks the couple for the ride. Pavitra expresses her dissatisfaction with her situation. The lady counsels her to listen to her heart, which is where God lives. She appreciates them.

Rocky tells his relatives that Pavitra must be eager to speak with him. Just then, he receives a phone call from Pavitra. He separates himself to speak. Vidya notices Shikha buried in her thoughts and inquires as to what transpired. Shikha enters her room, stating that she is exhausted.

Shikha is called out by Pishachini. The latter approaches the balcony and is taken aback to see Pishachini standing in the air. Pishachini tells Shikha not to be afraid and invites her to come close to her. Shikha is terrified, but she obeys. Pishachini inquires as to when she plans to welcome her into the house.

Shikha claims that their agreement was merely to bring her to Bareli. She is kicking herself for agreeing to the agreement. Shikha is savaged by her. Rocky appears outside the home, conversing on the video connection with Pavitra. Pavitra asks Rocky whether everything is okay there and if they noticed anything unusual.

She speculates that Pishachini may have departed for Bareli. Pishachini takes flight from there. Pavitra notices a girl’s shadow behind him and inquires as to who she is. Rocky claims that no one is present. He activates the rear camera.

Pavitra is surprised to see so many flowers on the ground and understands that Pishachini has arrived in Bareli. She becomes determined to bring Pishachini to justice.