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Get the written update for the freshly published story of the delightful TV show Pishachini pronounced on Tuesday, 23 August 2022 on Colors TV. Rani manipulates Shikha is the tag of the ultra-modern episode number E12.


When Rani promises to cure Ayodhya, Shikha is overjoyed. She demands, however, that Shikha allow her entry so that she can use her magic to heal him. Will Rani trick Shikha into inviting her into the house?


Rocky overhears a girl on the phone complaining because she missed her flight at the beginning of the episode. Rocky approaches the girl in the hopes that she is Pavitra. When he learns that she is not Pavitra, he is disappointed. at the historic home.

Shikha is pushed into the well by Pishachini. Pishachini moves up and down the wall. She tells Shika that it should be discussed in private. She converses kindly with Shikha.

She claims that because Shikha is a friend, she wants to assist her. She shows Shikha a one-of-a-kind mirror. Shikha’s mark on the cheek is no longer visible in her reflection in the mirror. Shikha queries.

If her mark is gone, According to Pishachini, it is currently simply gone from the mirror. She claims she can grant all of her wishes. Shikha asks whether she can heal Dadaji. Pishachini claims she can, but Shikha needs to call her inside the house in order to do so.

Rocky returns home that morning, feeling let down that he couldn’t meet Pavitra. When he comes inside, he is shocked to discover Pavitra there. The planter is lost to him. Pavitra and Rocky attempt to mend the broken pot.

They touch hands. They have their eyes locked. Rocky allegedly broke the pot that serves as the plant’s home, but Pavitra claims she fixed it. According to Rocky, everything will be fine as it is.

Rocky’s mother then appears, bearing tea for everyone. According to Sudhakar, they believed she fled London last night. According to Pavitra, she abruptly changed her strategy. Why?

asks Vidya. According to Pavitra, she had been invited and had expressed a desire to visit India. Her phone’s battery was dead, so she was unable to alert them. Sudhakar says it’s all right.

Rocky’s mother says Pavitra may visit at any moment. In order to get Pavitra to her room, Sudhakar asks Vidya. According to Rocky, Pavitra must go to her room. Rocky is invited to stay by Sudhakar.

Rocky gets mocked by Sudhakar for leaving Dadaji alone the night before and is accused of slipping out of bed. Rocky worries about Dadaji and goes to see how he is doing. . Rocky receives a reprimand from Sudhakar.

He is at fault, says Sanchit, who arrives. He claims that despite Rocky’s request, he was unable to care for Dadaji. Sanchit is once more guarding Rocky, according to Sudhakar. Sanchit, he claims, is incapable of such a careless deed.

He chastises Rocky for refusing to own his error and remaining silent. Rocky’s audio message reaches Pavitra, and she learns that he came to the airport to give her the plant. Arriving in Dadaji’s chamber is Pavitra. She witnesses Sudhakar reprimanding Rocky and inquires as to his whereabouts after leaving Dadaji the previous evening.

Pavitra makes an excuse and prepares to go. The mother of Rocky orders Pavitra to remain. Dadaji acknowledges that Pavitra has, gratefully, arrived. Dadaji makes an attempt to speak.

Sanchit said that Dadaji must be delighted to see Dadaji. Pishachini explains to Maddy that she wants to go inside the mansion because she despises the people who live there for erecting their home on her property. Rocky welcomes Pavitra to chat. She claims that she heard his voicemail and that Rocky was reprimanded as a result.

She claims that he must be at fault for harming Dadaji as a result of him. Rocky asks Pavitra where she wants to go while maintaining a false sense of well-being. Pishachini promises to make every resident of the mansion Pishaach different from her. They must either become her slaves or perish, she demands. According to her, Rocky will be her first slave.