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Get the written update for the freshly released chapter of the engaging TV serial Pishachini voiced on Wednesday, 24 August 2022 on Colors TV. Pavitra informs Rocky about Rani is the label of the cool episode number E13.


After spending some time with Pavitra, Rocky makes the decision to tell her how he feels. Rocky is informed by Pavitra about Rani’s plans and her wish to enter the mansion in the meantime. When Rocky discovers Rani’s plans, how will he respond?


When Pavitra first sees the red threads tied to the gate, she enters the restricted area. Rocky is asked by Pavitra about that location. Rocky claims that Dadaji informed them that this location is cursed and that many unfortunate events have occurred here as a result of her. Upon opening the gate, Pavitra enters.

She queries whether he was referring to Pishachini. Yes, Rocky nods. Pishachini is seated in the branch-made swing inside the well. She detects a presence inside her home.

When Pavitra sees the well, she investigates it. She could not see anything because of the darkness. She questions why the interior is so gloomy. Rocky makes fun of Pishachini’s absence.

He then picks up Pavitra. Pishachini emerges from the well just then. She observes Pavitra and Rocky leaving on the motorcycle. Pishachini believes that this female has arrived as well.

She makes fun of her by claiming that she also aspires to become a witch. The bride’s family calls her the mother of Rocky. When she learns they will arrive on that day, she is delighted. She informs Sudhakar and the family of the arrival of the girl’s family, Sanchit.

Pishachini there threatens the relatives of the girl. Their son is pushed into the well by her. She promises that he will remain inside till they enable her to accomplish her goal. Pavitra is sold on the market by Rocky.

He picks Pavitra up in his arms as she hesitates to cross the muddy stream. He moves through the mud. They arrive at a pani puri vendor. Shikha feels frightened as she remembers Pishachini’s request to be let inside the home.

The bell on the door is rung. The aunt of Shikha opens the door. Shikha yells “no! ” as she becomes alarmed.

Rocky is now asked by Pavitra why he went to the airport. Rocky tries to make excuses, but in the end, he admits that he came to see her and bid her farewell because he was unable to bid her farewell properly. Rocky is thanked by Pavitra for speaking the truth. Shikhas opens the door and discovers nobody there.

She claims that before leaving, the doorbell rang on its own. Shikha appears perplexed. Shikha’s mother yells just then to go grab the milk that she requested be brought for the visitors. Shikha notices the ship.

She goes to the kitchen with it. When Maddy Frog emerges and assumes a human shape, she is startled. Rocky asks Pavitra why she came to Bareli in the hopes that she will respond that she came to be with him. Rocky is shocked when Pavitra tells him that she has gone to Bareli for Pishachini.

Shikha’s ear whispers the appropriate words to use when inviting Pishachini inside the home. She is reminded that she barely has an hour before he vanishes. Shikha’s mother arrives and remarks that the girl’s family will arrive in an hour while asking Shikha why she hasn’t yet boiled the milk. Rocky overhears Pavitra telling him that she has evidence that Pishachini visited Bareli.

Rocky chuckles, not buying her story. He goes to buy her kulfi. Pavitra becomes adamant about stopping Pishachini.