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Check out the written update for the freshly released installment of the lovely TV serial Pishachini delivered on Thursday, 25 August 2022 on Colors TV. Pavitra to stop Rani is the subtitle of the just out episode number E14.


As Pavitra discovers a startling secret about Rani, she worries about her visit to the estate. Shikha is coerced by Rani to extend an invitation to the house. Will Rani be able to enter the mansion despite Pavitra’s efforts to stop her?


Pavitra stumbles on the carpet at the beginning of the episode and remembers Rocky picking her up. When Pavitra wakes up, she decides that she should avoid Pishachini. She is perplexed as to why Pishachini has not yet arrived. Rocky arrives in Sanchit’s room to assist with getting ready.

Rocky is asked by Sanchit to be the perfect son. Sanchit, in Rocky’s opinion, is the perfect son. To learn how to recognise Pishachini, Pavitra consults her grandfather’s notes. There, Vidya shows up.

The girl’s family is coming, she announces with excitement. Nobody has seen the girl’s photo, she continues. She invites Pavitra to come along. After deciding to check the notes later, Pavitra exits the room.

There is a strong breeze. The notes spill to the ground, and a member of Pavitra’s family trips over one. When the sound stops, Pavitra turns to look around. Sanchit advises Rocky to assume responsibility if he isn’t there in his room.

Rocky promises that he will always be present and faultless. Vidya arrives and declares her excitement. She takes the picture and the note to Pavitra’s room. She is aware of her grandfather’s desire to speak.

At the Rajputs’, Sudha and her family arrive. The Rajputs congratulated them. When she sees Pishachini, Shikha becomes horrified. In the meantime, Pavitra examines her grandfather’s writings and discovers that Pishachini can only enter the house when a family member extends an invitation and that she must do so while wearing her original horrifying outfit.

Why would anyone in the family invite Pishachini inside the home? asks Pavitra. She recalls Vidya’s remarks. In Pavitra’s opinion, Pishachini can take advantage of the opportunity presented by the arrival of new guests that day to infiltrate the home.

She’s going to check. The Rajputs open their doors to Sudha’s family. The kheer pot that Shikha was holding falls to the ground. Sudha stumbles and tumbles.

Pavitra runs to help her. They all assisted Sudha in standing up and escorting her inside. Shikha is urged by Pishachini to use the invitational phrases Maddy taught her to welcome her inside. Shikha accepts.

Shikha calls Pishachini inside the home after saying such remarks. Pishachini laughs while putting on her original scary garb. She walks inside the home. Pavitra observes a horrified Shikha standing there.

She approaches and discovers a girl. She queries who she is. My name is Pishachini, and I’m Rani. I’m Himani’s sister.

The woman enters. Because Pishachini must enter the house wearing her original clothing, Pavitra recalls her grandfather’s notes and assumes that nothing of the sort happened. Families talk about the alliance between Sanchit and Himani. Sanchit and Himani are sent apart to talk and get to know one another.

Pishachini hasn’t yet visited the house, according to Pavitra, who observes all the visitors and thinks everything seems normal. Pishachini observes Pavitra and decides that she dislikes Pavitra because she always considers her. She claims Pavitra is powerless to stop her. By displaying her emerald eyes, Pishachini scares Sudha.

Everyone is shocked when Sudha offers to make Rocky and Rani’s marriage work. Rocky looks at Rani with a smile. Pavitra appears startled. Pishachini smirks, imagining Rani as having her wish granted.