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Let’s enjoy the written update for the ultra-modern section of the lovely TV drama Pishachini pronounced on Friday, 26 August 2022 on Colors TV. Rani gets Ayodhya’s blessings is the pseudonym of the all-new episode number E15.


Rocky watches in astonishment as Rani approaches him after Rocky’s family asks her to seek Ayodhya’s blessing. When he tries to reveal her actual nature, she deceives him into blessing her. How will Ayodhya dismantle this coalition?


Rocky starts the episode by getting in Pavitra’s way. “What is he doing here by himself? ” wonders Pavitra. She claims that she had assumed he would have taken Rani to the garden by himself.

She has been standing there by herself like a wall, according to Rocky. According to Pavitra, after the wall is gone, he can be with her all by himself. Dadaji is hoping that whoever brought Pishachini here won’t call her inside. Right at that moment, Sudhakar and Suman arrive and inform Dadaji that Rocky has received a marriage proposal.

They laud the girl and claim she is Himani’s sister. Rocky asks Pavitra whether she’s alright while holding her hand. Pavitra disputes that. Rocky claims that everything she won’t confess is expressed in her eyes.

According to Pavitra, his eyes are focused on someone. She requests that Rocky approach Rani and fix his gaze on her. When Dadaji hears their description of the girl, he questions whether Pishachini might be the girl. He questions whether Pishachini entered the home.

He tries to speak because he wants to tell his family about Pishachini. They believe Dadaji is ecstatic to learn about Rocky’s engagement. Rocky claims that Pavitra is misunderstood there. Then, Pavitra queries why he is fixated on her.

Rocky claims that when he learned about his marriage, he was astounded. He begins to admire Rani’s attractiveness and physique. He stops noticing Pavitra’s angry expression. She claims that Pavitra is not interested in his justification.

She advises him to keep his eyes fixed on anyone he chooses for the rest of his life. She moves on. Impatiently wondering where everyone went, Pishachini becomes restless. Shikha says she’ll check it out.

Shikha is stopped by Pishachini, who also scares Himani’s parents. Sudhakar brings Dadaji there to show the girl. On his walk, Dadaji finds the bag containing the holy powder. He’s picking it up.

Pavitra’s aunt and her cousin are on call in the space. She reassures her that she has come to visit Bareli and is safe there. She pretends to be writing as she sees Rocky approaching her room. Rocky enters Pavitra’s room and informs her that he needs to speak with her about something crucial.

The family brings Dadaji into the hallway. When the latter sees Pishachini, he is astonished. Pishachini grins as she turns to face Dadaji. Sudhakar introduces Dadaji as the family’s chief.

Rocky informs Pavitra that he has reached a decision and wants to tell her about it. He declares that he will reject the marriage. If he is acting correctly, he inquires. He claims that although Rani is fantastic, he can find a better girl.

Although many other girls have studied overseas, he claims that Rani was the only one. According to Pavitra, she has no interest in this and it is his decision. Rocky says that, but he is curious about her viewpoint and wonders if he is doing appropriately. He doesn’t know it’s his life, adds Pavitra, so he should make the decision.

According to Sudhakar, Dadaji makes the last decision in the family; therefore, if he concurs, they can save the marriage. Himani and Rani are urged by Sudha to accept Dadaji’s blessings. Himani does so. Rani agrees but only nods.

There. Rocky informs Pavitra that he will decline. He won’t reverse his decision, even though the family will be furious. He departs.

Pavitra grinning. Rani stoops to touch Dadaji’s feet here. Pishachini’s original and frightening outfit is revealed when Dadaji takes a pinch of holy powder and throws it on her. Dadaji grabs her hand as he searches around to find his family, but they are all engaged in conversation.

When Pishachini sees Rocky approaching, she covers her face. Shikha obstructs Rocky’s view while pretending to give him a drink. Assuming human form once more, Pishachini Dadaji’s hand is compelled to rest on her head by her. When the family notices this, they believe that Dadaji had approved the marriage.

Nobody consulted Rocky, he claims. Pavitra arrives there, anticipating Rocky’s rejection of the alliance. According to Sudhakar, even Dadaji agreed that they had arranged this alliance. Dadaji was hoping Rocky would decline.

Rocky promises to inform them of his choice, whether they agree with it or not. He declares his acceptance of this alliance. Dadaji and Pavitra are shocked as they watch.