Pishachini 29th September 2022 Written Update β€” Rocky agrees to marry Rani

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Check the written update for the new episode of the congenial TV broadcast Pishachini released on Monday, 29th August 2022. Rocky agrees to marry Rani is the label of the most recently released episode number E16.


Pavitra is experiencing a great deal of emotional distress as she watches Rani cast a spell on Rocky in order to coerce him into agreeing to be married to her. After some time has passed, Rani meets Ayodhya and expresses her happiness at finally being able to enter the house. How would Ayodhya respond to this difficult situation?


Rocky agrees to marry Rani at the beginning of the episode. Pavitra and Dadaji are taken aback by Rocky’s choice, while Pishachini smirks. Rocky and Pavitra recollect their interactions. His cousins enthusiastically embrace him. Pishachini considers using Facebook.

As shown in that FB post, Pishachini unleashes her dark magic power on the juice. She commands Shikha to provide Rocky’s hypnosis so that he will obey her commands. end of FB. Rocky regains his composure and is taken aback when his relatives make fun of him for consenting to the marriage in a “filmy” manner. He turns to face Pavitra, who is strolling dejectedly.

Wishes from Suman to Rocky and Sanchit They would observe it that evening, together with the holiday of Janmasthami, she explains. The family is thrilled, but Dadaji realizes that Rocky didn’t follow his wishes, but rather Pishachini pulled a prank. He chooses to notify his family about this. Pishachini notices this and offers to accompany Dadaji to his room after stating to the family that he seems to be exhausted. Families concur.

Dadji is taken by Pishachin. The latter seemed frightened. Rocky visits Pavitra’s room in search of her. When he cannot locate her, he departs. Pavitra arrives just then.

She gets her luggage ready. She informs her aunt through voicemail that she will be going back to London. In the meantime, Dadaji is taken to his room by Pishachini. She transforms his room into a jungle and declares that nobody can hear his cries any more. She claims that if her brother starts to weep, he won’t murder her.

She describes how she wrecked Pratik’s life by entangling him in his desires and threatens to do the same to every member of his family. Thinking about taking Dadaji’s family, Pavitra considers telling him about her leaving. He enters his bedroom. According to Pishachini, she will transform into all of his family members. Pishachini begs Dadaji to kill the man who gave her a warm welcome inside.

Dadaji is asked to dance during her wedding, which she mocks. She chuckles. When the door is opened, Pavitra enters the Dadaji’s chamber. The space has returned to normal and Pishachini is not present. Dadaji is informed by Pavitra that she is leaving for London.

She claims to have arrived after learning that Pishachini had done so and that her family was in danger. She claims that by rescuing them from Pishachini, she was able to realize the wish of her grandfather. Pishachini wasn’t here, according to Pavitra, who claims that she was misinformed. How should Dadaji inform Pavitra that Pishachini is present? According to Pavitra, in order to reside in their home while they are getting ready for the marriage, she is not their family.

She promises to phone him from London, and if fate so chooses, they may meet up again. Pishachini is grinning while perched atop the cabinet. Pavitra prepares to go. Pavitra is halted by Dadaji. The latter asserts that she has no reason to remain here.

Paishachini approaches Pavitra. In an effort to warn Pavitra, Dadaji. The latter looks around but cannot see anybody. Dadaji departs, and Pavitra follows. Rocky mentions that he was looking for Pavitra when he saw her.

According to Pavitra, he wants to express something. She claims that she will be going back to London. Rocky is taken aback by what he hears. Rocky won’t let her go. He claims he didn’t want it to occur.

He wanted to reject the marriage, but he wasn’t sure how to do so. Rocky consented in front of everyone but is now behaving innocently, according to Pavitra. She wishes him well in his marriage since he found the woman he wanted. Rocky claims that he didn’t choose Rani. According to Pavitra, he previously announced his decision to everyone.

She continues by saying that she doesn’t constantly change her mind. She made the decision to go, therefore she is going. When Rocky attempts to explain it to her, she exits to her room and shuts the door. Rocky asks Pavitra to comprehend that his unconscious mind wasn’t in agreement with him. He claims that someone briefly mesmerized and dominated him. Pavitra observes.