Pishachini 30th August 2022 Written Update β€” Rani’s identity at stake!

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Get the written update for the today’s section of the wonderful TV drama Pishachini brought on Tuesday, 30th August 2022. Rani’s identity at stake! is the tag of the revolutionary episode number E17.


Rocky starts to question his choice to marry Rani, which leads him to the conclusion that he should talk to her about it. Rocky hears a voice coming from Rani’s well that makes him suspicious, so he resolves to look into it after meeting Rani. Will Rocky ever get to the bottom of what’s going on with Rani?


The episode opens with Dadaji attempting to say something similar to what Pavitra remembers Rocky saying when asked whether he was hypnotized. She muses. Pishachini, on the other hand, tells Shikha that she is content with her job and blurs the mark on Shikha’s face. Shikha is overjoyed. Pishachini adds that Shikha’s mark will shrink when she obeys.

Pishachini disappears. In order to avoid being suspected and having Pishachini’s invitation to the residence discovered, Shikha chooses to conceal her mark. Rocky is someone Pavitra wants to speak to, but she dissuades her because she fears that she could be making an excuse. The truth, according to her, is that Rocky consented to marry Rani. She questioned if she was not missing anything at the same time.

She encounters a problem. Rocky’s unhappiness is seen by Vidya and Sanchit, who speculate that he could have consented to marry Rani in a rush and is now regretting it. They chose to discuss it with Rocky. They are halted by Shikha, who says she will speak to Rocky. Suman is supervising Rani and Himani as they prepare the Khoya for the puja.

In the latter, Rani and Himani are praised. There goes Rocky. Suman compliments Rani for being skilled in Khoya despite having grown up in London. Rocky declares that he wants to speak with Rani alone. Rani and Rocky split ways.

Rani is aware of Rocky’s desire to reject her. She thereby prevents him from speaking. She says she and her family are pleased and appreciate Rocky for accepting the partnership. Rocky apologizes, but the reality is She fakes fainting. Rocky supports her.

Rocky tries to talk once again. He then hears a shout for assistance. He’s going to check. In the meantime, Pavitra is reading her grandfather’s notes regarding Pishachini’s many abilities. Pavitra discovers that Pishachini has the ability to use any food or beverage to mesmerize, murder, or transform someone into a slave.

Rocky reportedly drank the juice Shikha gave him, according to Pavitra. She doesn’t think Pishachini is inside the home yet. In the forbidden region, Rocky and Pishachini make their way to the well. Rocky is aware that a person fell into the well. Rocky is determined to rescue the individual who cries for aid, despite Pishachini’s best efforts to thwart him.

He searches the area for a rope. Shikha is admiring her face on her phone’s selfie camera in her room. She claims that when the tattoo totally disappears, her face will become more attractive. Pavitra arrives just then. Shikha becomes upset.

Rocky locates a rope and prepares to leap into the well. Rocky is once again the target of Pishachini’s attempt to stop him. She gives him a hug while swearing. She was given assurance by Rocky that nothing would happen to him. However, ShikhaΒ  covers her cheek with her hair.

Shikha is questioned by Pavitra about whether Rocky’s juice is unique compared to other types. Shikha reassures her that they all drank the same drink. According to Pavitra, this indicates that Rocky wasn’t under the influence of hypnosis and gave his assent freely to marrying Rani. By tightly wrapping the boy’s body in the branches, Pishachini utilizes her might to murder him. Rocky is prevented from plunging down the well by Pishachini, who also informs him that there are no longer any yells.

Rocky is taken aback by how peaceful everything suddenly becomes. Rocky can count on Pishachini to do anything, according to her. She picks Rocky up there, announcing that no one can stop them from being married and that she would murder anybody who tries to stand in their way.