Pishachini 31st August 2022 Written Update — Rocky confronts Pavitra

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Get the written update for the latest webisode of the moving serial Pishachini telecasted on Wednesday, 31st August 2022. Rocky confronts Pavitra is the moniker of the ultra-modern episode number E18.


In front of Pavitra, Rocky comes and asks what she thinks of him. Pavitra erupts in wrath as she hears Rocky urging her to reconsider her decision to leave him. Is Rocky going to be able to charm Pavitra?


Raputs is shocked to learn that Pavitra is traveling to London at the beginning of the episode. Pavitra is asked by Vidya to remain till Diwali. In spite of being unable to attend the festivities, Pavitra says she can pray for their success from wherever she is. If she’s leaving, Rani asks Pavitra. Yes, Pavitra nods.

If such is the case, according to Rani, she won’t be able to greet her when she returns home after marrying Rocky. She goes on to state that while Rock claimed to have just met her, she had known her for a very long time. If she remains behind, she claims they may become very good friends. Pavitra embraces Suman. When Pavitra scratches her hand on an album, she becomes injured.

Rani is urged by Chachi to wrap Pavitra’s wound with her handkerchief. Rani agrees. According to Chachi, this album, which was found in Sudha’s purse, belongs to Himani’s family. She requests that Suman see the album’s picture of Vikas, the brother of Himani. Rani takes the album, predicting that Sudha will cry when she sees it because their brother traveled so far that he couldn’t even attend the wedding.

Sudha shouldn’t be depressed, according to Rani, since the rest of the family is with them. She displays her ominous green eyes, which frighten Sudha. Sudha claims to be content. Pavitra is drawing close to her flight time, and Rani reminds her of this. According to Pavitra, her rental automobile must have arrived and left.

Pavitra is accompanied by Suman, Sudhakar, and Chachi to the door. Rani shuts the front door after saying good-bye to Pavitra. To depart, Pavitra sits in the vehicle. She then notices Pishachini’s ominous shadow on the vehicle’s side mirror. She doesn’t see anything as she glances behind the automobile.

She speculates that it may be an illusion. She leaves in a car. Rocky gets discovered by Pavitra with his bike standing in the middle of the street. She hooped many times. When Rocky doesn’t make a move, she exits the vehicle.

She inquires as to his whereabouts. According to Rocky, Pavitra doesn’t want to leave. Why does he believe she doesn’t want to go? Pavitra queries. The same reason, Rocky says, is also the reason he doesn’t want to let her go.

She is prompted to gaze into his eyes as he protests. Pavitra claims that she has no reason to remain and she is unsure of the justification he is referring to. Rocky claims that Pavitra was offended by his consent to marry Rani. Pavitra disputes this and asserts that his choice has no bearing on her. She claims that she fully comprehended Rocky’s inability to change.

She claims Rocky is selfish and immature. He doesn’t appreciate others’ sentiments. He claims he would never intentionally offend her. Pavitra answers that he can’t since she doesn’t have any affection for him. Rocky wonders how Pavitra was harmed after seeing the cut on her hand.

According to Pavitra, it’s a minor wound. The R is inscribed on her hand, Rocky sees. It’s R for Rocky, he explains. According to Pavitra, it was a mistake to meet him and he would soon vanish, much like his memories. She begs him to let her go since she has to make her flight.

She had already missed her trip, according to Rocky. Denying it, Pavitra claims that it was done for his family. According to Rocky, it was for Pishachini. Yes, Pavitra nods. Rocky contests this assertion.

Rani teases Dadaji at the Rajputs’ home, saying that since Pavitra has now departed, no one can now protect him from her. She chuckles. Rocky had torn Rani apart to say the same thing when he said he didn’t want to wed her. The lipstick stain on his shirt, in accordance with Pavitra, indicates that they had a fantastic time together. Rocky claims he has no idea how the blemish on his shirt got there.

He appeals to Pavitra, but she rejects him. Rocky embraces Pavitra. He claims that they both understand that they have feelings for one another but that they haven’t been able to communicate. According to Pavitra, she had had enough of his jokes. Rocky claims that he is serious.

He uses Piku as Pavitra’s last name. Rocky is asked by Pavitra not to call her Piku since only her close friends and family are permitted to use that name, which was given to her by her parents. She asserts that he is insignificant to her and cannot address her by that name. Rocky and Pavitra go in the other direction while sobbing. They both go out in different directions in their cars.

Shikha is given the prasad that Rani made, and she is instructed to set it in the puja. When Shikha inquires as to why she cannot attend the puja, she threatens her. She wants Shikha to let the family know that she’s not feeling well and then departs for her room. On the other hand, Pavitra is perplexed as to why she has once again landed at the same location after being astonished to see the ancient house gate in front of her. Someone is pulling something, she notices.

Vikas’s corpse is being dragged by Maddy as she sobs. Pavitra goes on inspection. When Maddy appears in front of her, she becomes frightened. According to Pavitra, she spotted something and went to investigate. Cathy displays the bags.

Pavitra wonders if he’s taking the old items in those bags. When Maddy is nowhere to be found, she becomes startled. Suman, who is now inside the home, informs Snachit and Himani that they must get ready for Puja and. . .

Rocky tells them that he and Rani will assist them as soon as he gets home. Pavitra is worried when she finds Vikas’ wallet on the floor of the old house.