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Check the written update for the up-to-the-minute chapter of shareable TV series Pishachini delivered on Tuesday, 09 August 2022 on Colors TV. The Rajputs visit Chail is the label of the newly published episode number E2.


The Rajputs decide to travel to Chail to attend Nikita’s wedding. Meanwhile, Pavitra, who lives in London, is planning a trip to the hilly city as well. Will Pavitra come into contact with the Rajputs?


A young woman drives to a highland station. Rocky describes a female who is as fashionable as myself. She is not conventional. At the lake, the girl prays. She is reading a mantra.

A few foreigners inquire as to what she is doing. She claims it’s my parents’ and grandparents’ wedding anniversary. This is how we pay our respects. He claims her name, like mine, must be highly fashionable. Pavitra is the name of the girl.

Her aunt embraces her. Pavitra claims that I think about them every day. Her aunt wishes they were still alive to witness how bright you’ve grown. Pavitra says everything is because of you. You shaped my personality.

I would have been lost otherwise. Mausi replies, “I’m terrified you’re going to India. ” She claims I’m heading to Chail rather than Bareli. It’s a stunning location. Rocky informs his sisters that he will accompany them.

Mausi hugs Pavitra and tells her not to go to Bareli. She claims I won’t. She embraces her. Babu Ji questions why you agreed to travel to Himachal. Did you forget what occurred 20 years ago there?

Thanks to Pratik, Pishachini was liberated. Sudhakar claims Pratik stated that he enlisted the assistance of a Tantrik and that they buried Pishachini. Babu Ji claims that I have no faith in him. Babu Ji claims that Pandit Ji instructed him to perform this pooja in order to determine whether or not this voyage would be beneficial to us. If it’s not beneficial for us, this candle will go out.

The candle remains lit. Sudhakar believes we should go. Pishachini is not present. We should leave. He gives a nod.

They enter the house. After a while, the candle burns out. They all gathered at Pratik’s residence the next morning. Pratik rushes up to Babu Ji. They brush up against his feet.

Sudhakar requests that Babu ji bless them. Babu Ji begins to cry. Pratik embraces his brothers. Shikha and Sachin meet Pratik’s wife. She runs into Rocky.

Babbi claims she arrived after you departed. Babu Ji takes a look around. Pratik asks Sudhkar to please forgive him. We become greedy. We’re all over it, according to Sudhakar.

This is the moment to rejoice. He inquires about the state of your company. Pratik claims that he began with a modest firm and has since expanded to a major network. Sudhakar thinks this house is a palace. They enter the house.

Babu Ji takes a look around. He’s in a bad mood. “Let’s go,” says Sudhakar. He invites him inside. Pishachini greets you.

The home is adored by everybody. Nikita appears and greets them. Babbi thinks she’s stunning. Nikita is introduced to her cousins. Amrita says Nikita was overjoyed to be able to celebrate Rakhi with all of you.

They are all seated together. Rakhi is tied to Sachin and Rocky’s hands by Nikita. Sudhakar extinguishes the candle. She performs their art. Pishachini is seen upstairs by Amrita.

Pratik and Amrita are both terrified. Amrita treats everyone to sweets. Nikita insists that you all assist me with my wedding preparations. Pishachini chuckles. Pavitra lands in India.

The music, jewelry, and clothing are chosen by Rocky and his family. Rocky overhears laughter. He glances outside and notices a lady swinging. He looks around again, but no one is there. rocky leaves Someone is laughing, he notices.

Who is ready for the laughing challenge, he asks? Rocky claims that someone was undoubtedly present. He notices an automobile. He enters the highway. Someone inquires, “Are you all right?

” He takes a glance around. A girl is attempting to repair a plant. Pavitra here. She repairs the pot and declares that you are now safe. “Wow,” says Rocky.

You shattered it. She claims I also corrected it. He claims you shattered the pot. She says I’ll make another pot. She claims I was simply driving.

He asks, “What if you had hit me and apologized? ” She advises against dragging it. I can cover the cost of the other pot. He predicts what will happen when visitors arrive. People will wonder who did it.

She says I’ll respond. She specifies the types of people who are invited. Rocky believes you paid for your driver’s license. She claims that you cannot pay in London. He mentioned London?

Yes, she replies, that’s where I’m coming from. Rocky fantasizes about being in London with her. He imagines her on the streets of London. “Let’s go inside,” he says. He tells me I may take the bags.

He brings his baggage inside. He thinks your last name is extremely English. No, she says, it’s Pavitra. What do your friends call you, he asks? Pavi or Pari?

She declines. They enter the house. Pavitra pushes open the door. Pishachini is in anguish.