Pishachini 2nd September 2022 Written Update β€” Will Himani expose Rani?

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Enjoy the written update for the revolutionary installment of the fascinating telecast Pishachini aired on Friday, 2nd September 2022. Will Himani expose Rani? is the tag of the groovy episode number E20.


Himani is astounded to see Vikas’s corpse during the celebration of Janmasthami, which Rani and Rocky are actively celebrating by dancing. Rani makes an effort to prevent Himani from sounding the alarm whenever she can. Will Himani be successful in revealing Rani for who she really is?


Pavitra dances at the beginning of the episode in honor of Janmashtami. Rocky accompanies Pavitra. Rocky and Rani dance. Rocky ignores Pavitra and dances with Rani while Pavitra pulls Rocky away and dances with him. Taking advantage of the situation, Himani rushes to rescue Vikas from Pishachini’s grasp.

She approaches the well and approaches Vikas. Rocky forbids Rani from leaving, even if she feels it and attempts to do so. When she sees Rocky and Rani dancing together, Pavitra becomes envious. Family members compliment Rocky and Rani’s dance once their performance is over. Rani queries Pavitra over her homecoming.

According to Pavitra, she returned to the midway since she was running late for her trip. Pavitra is asked by Vidya to remain put for a while and go to Bareli. According to Pavitra, Rani shared this desire. God summoned her back after hearing her. Rocky questions why Pavitra came back.

He wonders who it is for, as he is certain it is not for him. Rani wonders if Pavitra came back for her and whether anybody is doubting her. Given that she is aware that Rani is Pishachini, Pavitra believes she returned for Rani. Himani cries out in shock as she discovers Vikas’ corpse. Pishachini travels to see Himani in action.

Rocky receives a call from Pavitra. The latter informs him that he must worship Rani with puja. Rocky is asked to speak for two minutes by Pavitra. Pavitra is not the right person for Rocky, so he declines. Rocky brings Rani close to the idol of the deity to do the puja.

Rani worries that if she conducts puja, her pishachini roop will be seen. Himani arrives just in time to stop Rani. Rani is aware that Himani observed Vikas’ physique. Rani attempts to use her power to stop Himani, but she is unable since Pavitra is keeping a tight eye on her. Himani hears Rani tell her that they can chat later and not ruin the good mood.

Himani dares you to reveal her truth and claims that she has already damaged their happiness. Himani is asked to remain quiet by Rani. Rani is asked by Pavitra to allow Himani to speak. Rocky advises Pavitra not to get involved since it is a matter between sisters and relatives. Even Rocky wants to conduct puja since it’s getting late, Rani tells Himani.

They still have time, according to Sudhakar, for the pooja. Himani is asked to speak. Himani is about to reveal that Rani is Pishachini. Maddy, the frog, bites her foot. Himani becomes speechless and begins to shake.

Concerned, the family wonders what happened to Himani. To obtain water, Rani leaves. She splashes some black powder into the water. When Rani returns with the water, Pavitra notices and realizes what she has done. She regrets not hypnotizing Rocky in that manner the other day.

Rani is forced to drop the glass when Pavitra pretends to collide with her. Himani returns to normal when Suman feeds her the water that Vidya brought. Himani is asked by Pavitra and her family what she wants to say about Rani. Himani has no memory of anything. Rani claims that Himani became upset because she was wearing earrings.

Why would Himani get upset about something so minor? wonders Pavitra. Rani claims that Himani sometimes loses her memory after becoming enraged about little things. Rani expresses Himani’s regrets. She promises not to mention it again.

Shr. asks Himani to confirm it. She frightens her by revealing her emerald eyes. Yes, Himani nods. Dadaji is informed by Pavitra that Rani is Pishachini, and Himani wants to inform him of this.

She even prevented Rani from giving Himani water and then questioned how she had forgotten what she was about to say. Pishachini reflects on how, knowing that Pavitra was watching her, she delivered the water to Shikha, who then ordered Vidya to give it to Himani after spilling the dark power into it. Pavitra asks God to guide her in finding a method to reveal Rani. The timer sounds at twelve. Everyone should put everything aside and do puja, according to Suman.

Dadaji attempts to communicate with Pavitra. She is anxious because Pavitra recognizes that he is trying to imply that Pishachini cannot do the puja while standing in front of God. Rani is prevented from departing by Pavitra. Rocky leads Rani to the altar while holding her hand. Rani is concerned about being found out.